The Powerful God Hand

As some might know Sony has started to offer a few Playstation 2 games on PSN. For now it is only up on the American PSN store. One of the games they have is Capcom’s classic God Hand. An okay game but pretty nice humor. I’ll be getting it later, for now I wanted to share my music video I made for the game a few years back. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. Or you might get your ass kick to the milky-way.

2 responses on The Powerful God Hand

  1. God Hand looks effin terrible dood!!!!!
    Oh I’ve had a horrible day of malfunctions btw!!
    Hail to the beeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    It’s still pretty enjoyable even if the graphics are crap. I’ll buy it one day, hopefully we’ll get a few rare good PS2 games later.

    I am sorry to hear that dood. :( Hope things go better tomorrow. Don’t drink to much now. Goodnight dood.

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