One more week to go!

AHH!!! Just one more week to work and them I have a three week vacation! How I look forward to that! I’m starting to feel really tired and to get a chance to recharge my batteries would be great. I’m just going to take it easy and just relax, not going to think about work once.
And then into my second vacation week, I finally get to put my hands on Tales of Xillia! I am eagerly awaiting that game! I want it and I want it now! I might even get the Collectors Edition of the game, that is if where I’m getting it from will get any in stock. If not it’s just the regular version for me then.

For the last couple of days I’ve seem to have hurt my neck while sleeping, It’s been aching like hell and I could hardly turn my head. Thank god it’s getting better now, it still aches a bit but it is getting better. So it wasn’t anything serious, thankfully. Other than that I am actually feeling pretty good, it has been some time since I’ve felt this good. So I am really hoping it will continue like this.

Last time I posted I told y’all that I had finished The Last of Us (great game!) after that I started playing Deadpool. I needed something funnier to get rid of the somewhat heavy feeling from TLOU, and Deadpool really delivered in the funny department. I am a big fan of Deadpool, I’ve have read most of the comics and enjoyed them very much. And I think High Moon Studios capture the funny stuff really well. I’m not all that sure about gameplay, I wasn’t too fond of that actually. But the game is definitely worth a try if you can borrow it. Deadpool is also the 86th Playstation 3 game that I have finished, gotta get a hundred at least! But that won’t be a problem. =)

Week of depression

Ugh… I’ve been unable to shake my depression for over a whole week, I really hope it’s run its course soon. It’s getting really hard to get things done, when you are feeling this down. And I still don’t want to use as much medication just too feel good, but as I said i hope it will go away soon and my spirit and energy will return. It’s most likely my winter depression kicking in, as some know I don’t like Christmas all that much… I still miss the magic feeling it had when I was a kid, I’ll probably never feel like that again about Christmas.

I have started a second playthrough of Tales of Graces f for Playstation 3, it just about the only thing I’ve had some interest in. I think I am nearing 60hours now and I’m about to enter Ghardia Shaft. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the last dungeon in the main game. But I’m not going to face the last boss just yet, I’m going to do some power leveling there. And then I am going to kick the last boss so damn hard, he will feel it into next month! I really want to try to beat the boss in 60seconds or less, so I can get the trophy for it. Just to know i have finished it. Even if there are harder trophies to get…

I hope it gets better soon. It probably will, just have to run its course. Glad that I’ll soon have five whole days that I can spend on what I want, it is going to be really nice! Since it’s Christmas break from work (best thing about X-mas right now). Looking forward to that and hopefully my batteries will be fully charged again after that.