A picture day!

So I thought it was time for another picture day. Here is some pictures of what I did on the 13th of June. when I was not trying to get all papers ready, for Mondays school…  So I missed my buddy’s birthday party because of that. But I have to do this, or I won’t get any money from “försäkringskassan“. Grr… =/

I decided to try some new snacks. The cheez rings. They where good! I’m gonna buy more of them. And the classic “Kina Puffar”. And we had pizza today. Stupid as I am I decided to take the biggest goddamn pizza they had.
And I got it. I’m gonna have food for 3days now. Its tuna and “köttfärs” on the pizza.

The next PS3 game I’ll get, will most likely be Soul Calibur 4. And a little non spoiler photo from MGS4. Which I am playing now, BTW. But I guess, you’ve figured that out on your own. Great game! Get it if you have a PS3. ;)

This is my sad little game corner. I want new furniture! I really hate the way I have things here right now, but I can’t afford anything else so it will have to do. Still dreaming of a HDTV too. One day… One day…

3 responses on A picture day!

  1. Yeah, it was huge. A bit to huge, for one person.
    Never again!

    I hope that, at least I’m going in the right direction to build up my game collection again.
    Its a slow process, but its so worth it.

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