New KOS-MOS picture

I’ve spent the last 4-5days at a friends house. We had a blast. Actually I was there with another of my friends to. So we where 3 crazy people at one place.
We watch a lot of movies, mostly Adam Sandler movies. We saw, Big Daddy, Click,
Bullet Proof and I now pronounce you Chuck & Lary. Yeah, I think that was all. And we talked a lot to. Its just fun when you can talk with your friends about everything and nothing.

And when I got home earlier today I stared with colouring a new KOS-MOS picture. One of many I hope. Sadly not my own drawings from begining, but I colour them and give them new lineart. And I only take credit for the work I’ve done and no credit for the original picture.

If you are interested in seeing what I’ve done just head over to my deviant. And perhaps leave a comment there. I would very much appriciate it. =)

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  1. Thank you. ^^
    Hope you can experience the same soon. It so wonderfull to spend time with your friends.
    You really feel like a new person when you get home. But it can get a little borring to actually come home. Oh, well. ^^

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