Finished Uncharted

Earlier today I finished Uncharted. It was a wonderful game. I can’t wait to replay it, but won’t untill I’ve finished Ratchet & Clank and also have gotten a Dualshock 3 controller. Mostly since I like the feedback I get in the controller with rumble.
As I said the game was great, and beautiful. The music was drawn from an adventure movie. It was awesome. <3

Ohh, the time is closing in on both Metal Gear Solid 4 and Soul Calibur 4. Must get a second controller untill SC4 is released. Hope the RPGs will start to drop in on the PS3 soon. I feel like I really could use one right about now. Guess I’ll have to settle for Enchanted Arms untill better stuff comes along. And now I’m off to start playing Ratchet & Clank Tool of Destruction.
The third game I’ve been drooling over of the games released on the PS3. For those who don’t know or remember the other two where Folklore & Uncharted. Of course there are more games to drool over now, but they where the original three. ^^

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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I’m having a really great time with my PS3. I love it.
    it just becomes clearer and clearer that it was the right buy for me.
    Hehe, I’ll try to remember that. ^^

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