How I long for friday!

I’m looking forward to friday for a bunch of reasons, well many of them are only stuff I hope will happen. But there is one thing that is going to happen on friday and its something I’m madly looking forward to! I’m finally be able to meet my good friend KNtheking again IRL.
Its been over a year since we first and last met, so I’m looking forward to this.He is one of my closest and most important friends. We’ve know each other for about ten years know or so.  And he has helped me in the past with various things, and has always given me support. Which I’m ever greatful to.
He will come visit with Seraphim, another friend. While I do not know him as well, we have spoken and met in the past. So it’ll be fun to see him again too.

Since my 27th birthday is this month on the 27th I’m considering this an early birthday gift from them. So its hopefully going to be extra fun, either way I’m just looking forward of seeing them. And to all of my other friends reading, if you want to give me something for my birthday. Just give me money, since I moved its always good to have some lying around.
Now I’m not saying you have to get me anything, its just if you are I’ll rather take the cash.
I’m also currently thinking of having a “party” for the closest of my friends on the 30th October, I’m not to sure about it yet. I have to think about it some more. And firstly see how many would come.

After 8 years we meet!

Today after about 7-8years I finally got to meet my very good buddy, Kntheking. And I’m really glad we where able to meet, this has been one of the best days I’ve had in all the year. We’ve got to know each other on the former Swedish gaming forum, GON. (Good Times).
And have been friends since then. And in the past there has always been something getting in the way or us meeting. Lack of money, to bad timings and other various stuff. So I’m really glad it went of without a hitch this time.
So thanks again my friend for a real fun day, and hope we don’t have to wait another 7-8 years before we meet again. =)

And BTW, I’ve been playing Star Ocean 4 like mad. I’m really enjoying this game. Much more than I ever enjoyed Star Ocean 3. One of the best RPGs I’ve played this year and in a very long time. Hope Tales of Vesperia will turn out to be just as good for me.

A new project

I just wanted to let people know that I’ve started a new project with my friends  och  .
We now the the site RPG-bloggen. So check it out. We will be writing about RPG’s and VG music in the site. All in swedish.
At least for now. We might expand an change the site later as we gain more experiance with this type of stuff. So I hope we will meet there. =)

Where are everyone?

Yeah, where are everyone? A lot of people I used to talk to has almost vanished from the internet. Is it just a slow time or has something happened? Either way its a shame. =/
Looks like two of my closests friends are going to get PS3’s soon.
Congrats to you. We have to play online together later. I would really love that. And next month its finally time for Cross Edge to be released.
Looking forward to that as hell. I just love 2D RPG, hope we will be getting some more of then on the stationary consoles. I don’t want 2D to die.

I’m still somewhat sick. But the coughing is starting to go away more and more now. And that’s good. So hopefully just a few more days and I’m ready to rock as hard as I did before! When I’m healthy again I’m thinking about visiting some friends.

360 time now!

Oh yeah! The Xbox 360 I had gotten from my friend Evangela returned today from being repaired. Thanks once again man. Hopefully I can get a hold of an controller and I can start to play Blue Dragon, tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, since my buddy Kntheking has said a whole lot of good stuff about the game. So I’m hyped. So I’m hoping I’ll really like the game.
Either way it will be really nice to play an RPG again, it was some time since the last one. Ever since I finished Eternal Sonata for PS3.

I’ve posted some new stuff over at my deviantART account, so you could head over there and check. If you are interested. I have also managed to catch a cold.
My throat is hurting like hell, and I’ve done nothing but cough. It’s starting to get real annoying now. Hope it can ease up soon….

Resident Evil 5 is here!

Got the game now! Just going to check my regular sites, then I’m of to try the game. And hope I will like it. Please let me like it. And a big congratulations to my buddy Kntheking! You know why man! I won’t post it here until you do.

Resident Evil 5, in a few hours!

Just a few more hours and I’ll be getting Resident Evil 5 for the Playstation 3. Look forward to it, Kntheking. I’ll soon send you, your copy of the game.