Where are everyone?

Yeah, where are everyone? A lot of people I used to talk to has almost vanished from the internet. Is it just a slow time or has something happened? Either way its a shame. =/
Looks like two of my closests friends are going to get PS3’s soon.
Congrats to you. We have to play online together later. I would really love that. And next month its finally time for Cross Edge to be released.
Looking forward to that as hell. I just love 2D RPG, hope we will be getting some more of then on the stationary consoles. I don’t want 2D to die.

I’m still somewhat sick. But the coughing is starting to go away more and more now. And that’s good. So hopefully just a few more days and I’m ready to rock as hard as I did before! When I’m healthy again I’m thinking about visiting some friends.

7 responses on Where are everyone?

  1. hey yo ya maddafakin ho.

    Nah jes kiddin’. Sorry for not commenting on my bro ho’s stuff for a long long time. I still keep watch on ya and track my little msn ho as you know.

    Ho-ho trainz0rz passin’ by. Hoho.

  2. Jag är här, jag lovar, men jag har inte skrivit nåt på toklänge. Jag vet. Saker har varit upp och ner och man har haft mycket att göra men nu verkar saker räta ut sig och jag ska skriva nåt i dagarna, så folk kan få veta vad jag har hållt på med.

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