360 time now!

Oh yeah! The Xbox 360 I had gotten from my friend Evangela returned today from being repaired. Thanks once again man. Hopefully I can get a hold of an controller and I can start to play Blue Dragon, tomorrow. Really looking forward to it, since my buddy Kntheking has said a whole lot of good stuff about the game. So I’m hyped. So I’m hoping I’ll really like the game.
Either way it will be really nice to play an RPG again, it was some time since the last one. Ever since I finished Eternal Sonata for PS3.

I’ve posted some new stuff over at my deviantART account, so you could head over there and check. If you are interested. I have also managed to catch a cold.
My throat is hurting like hell, and I’ve done nothing but cough. It’s starting to get real annoying now. Hope it can ease up soon….

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