Xbox 360 get!

Well sort of. Some time ago my friend “Evangela” gave me his broken Xbox 360. So I gladly accepted and sent it in for repairs, he was to lazy to do this himself. (Well, you where…)
Not that I’m complaining since it scored me a 360. So its seems like its on its way back from Microsoft now. So looks like I might finally be able to play Blue Dragon. Well actually there is only one problem. How much I’d like to play I can’t. Since I don’t have a 360-controller. So I will need to find a cheap one next week, if I can afford it. Don’t care if its wired or not as long as I ca play with it. That didn’t sound right…
Either way I’m a lot closer to being able to play Blue Dragon than I was before.

And I guess some of you have heard. Tales of Vesperia IS heading to Playstation 3.
Only anounced for Japan right now. But hopefully we will see a US version too. I’ll still try to get the PAL version somehow when its released. Same with Star Ocean 4. Hopefully I can borrow them from someone. My economy is down the drains bad right now. God I hate it. Almost every last penny, goes to pay bills and make sure I have a roof under my head. I wonder how much longer this will have to be like this. I want to start to live again. Go places, be able to travel and visit friends. But right now stuff like that is like a dream. And I’ll continue to dream, untill I can’t stand it no more.
Well take care everyone. See ya!

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  1. “make sure I have a roof under my head”
    I’m pretty sure you mean over your head? ;P

    Yeah, I know what you mean, sucks when you don’t have money to do anything.. and it’s not that easy to get either :/

    Well, great that the box finally comes!


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