Missing the past

Damn I really miss the time when I had time to play all days long, been so busy at work lately so I haven’t had much change/time to play. A shame, since I really want to play. But I just don’t have the energy to do anything when I come home from work, it’s a bit sad. And even sadder is when I have the energy there is a bunch of other stuff that has to be done, like laundry, dinner and other stuff like that. It gets a bit boring and you just get more tired.
And I’ve had a longing to replay Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 64 for the longest time, so I hope I’ll find the time with all the other unfinished games I have to play. Love that game and I haven’t played it in years, I really need some N64 nostalgia.

I really miss mine and Kntheking’s (hey dood!) old project RPGbloggen, would be nice if we could start that again sometime. Hopefully if we both have the time to write and contribute to such a project. But we’ll see what will happen in the future, would be nice to bring it back somehow. As I said we’ll see what the future holds. =)

Yes! Tales of Graces F is coming America!

I’m so incredible happy with Namco Bandai right now! They have decided to release
Tales of Graces F in the US, I never thought we would be getting this game. And I was seriously going to import a Japanese copy of the game in the future. Glad I don’t need to now, just going to import a copy from America instead. I sure hope they’ll release it soon, I can’t stand the waiting. Its killing me!

If you are Swedish or know the language you can read the news about the game here. RPGbloggen – Tales of Graces. I’m so happy I probably won’t be getting any sleep tonight!

RPGbloggen, our new project

Been a while since I’ve made an update, so I thought it was about time now! I wanted to wait a little longer, since I’m awaiting a logo from my friend Elden and a banner from my friend Ezakiel. Hoping both will be finished soon, so we can add them to the site.
Well… Anyway! Me and Kntheking has taken up our interest for a new RPG site. New site but an old name, RPGbloggen. Its the name we used from the start when we together with Lania started an RPGblog. But we evolved from there and it became RPGaiden, but in the end we all wanted different stuff so we left RPGaiden and she continued to drive it herself. It was fun and a time I’ll cherish and now its time for us to move on.

RPGbloggen is a Swedish RPG gaming blog, which I somehow think you might have figures out. We are not trying to be a super serious site, we are writing about what we like.
And doing it in our own way, a bit hard for me to explain. But I guess you’ll get it. We have just started and we are trying to get all the stuff we want ready. But we are up and running, so visit us and see for yourself!

See ya!

Some update

So me and my buddies Nordiclania and Kntheking have been working on our new project. RPG-Bloggen. A Swedish RPG blog, so check it out later. ;)

I’m still eagerly awaiting the release of Cross Edge for Playstation 3.
My most anticipated game right now. Without a doubt. I’m feeling much better now since most of my coughing is gone. Still have very little coughing. Btu as I said its much better. Not much else to do I’m afraid. Must try and finish Penny Arcade Episode 1 someday too. Haven’t played on my Playstation 3 for som time now. Just been watching a bunch of tv-shows and anime…

A new project

I just wanted to let people know that I’ve started a new project with my friends  och  .
We now the the site RPG-bloggen. So check it out. We will be writing about RPG’s and VG music in the site. All in swedish.
At least for now. We might expand an change the site later as we gain more experiance with this type of stuff. So I hope we will meet there. =)