Missing the past

Damn I really miss the time when I had time to play all days long, been so busy at work lately so I haven’t had much change/time to play. A shame, since I really want to play. But I just don’t have the energy to do anything when I come home from work, it’s a bit sad. And even sadder is when I have the energy there is a bunch of other stuff that has to be done, like laundry, dinner and other stuff like that. It gets a bit boring and you just get more tired.
And I’ve had a longing to replay Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 64 for the longest time, so I hope I’ll find the time with all the other unfinished games I have to play. Love that game and I haven’t played it in years, I really need some N64 nostalgia.

I really miss mine and Kntheking’s (hey dood!) old project RPGbloggen, would be nice if we could start that again sometime. Hopefully if we both have the time to write and contribute to such a project. But we’ll see what will happen in the future, would be nice to bring it back somehow. As I said we’ll see what the future holds. =)

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