After 8 years we meet!

Today after about 7-8years I finally got to meet my very good buddy, Kntheking. And I’m really glad we where able to meet, this has been one of the best days I’ve had in all the year. We’ve got to know each other on the former Swedish gaming forum, GON. (Good Times).
And have been friends since then. And in the past there has always been something getting in the way or us meeting. Lack of money, to bad timings and other various stuff. So I’m really glad it went of without a hitch this time.
So thanks again my friend for a real fun day, and hope we don’t have to wait another 7-8 years before we meet again. =)

And BTW, I’ve been playing Star Ocean 4 like mad. I’m really enjoying this game. Much more than I ever enjoyed Star Ocean 3. One of the best RPGs I’ve played this year and in a very long time. Hope Tales of Vesperia will turn out to be just as good for me.

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  1. Hey! Great to hear you had so much fun! I'm really happy for you! ^__^ And I'm glad you like SO4 so much as well. Have you gotten to the second disc yet? I still have to complete Vesperia, but I've been working so much that I haven't gamed for 2 days. Hope to beat a tricky boss during the weekend though. :) And then, when I've finished Vesperia, I will take up SO4 again. :)

  2. Happy for you!

    When was the time Gon was alive? Before my time, i guess.

    I bet you will be pleased with ToV. ;)

  3. nordiclania: Thank you. :D
    Yeah, I went over to the second disc, some time ago. But stuck at some enemies now, I underestimated… Gonna get my revenge later.

    Palaxih: Hm, I think it was around 2001, they later became Playing. And sadly lost very much of what made it good. Its more or less Loading, that has the same kind of "spirit" as GON had.

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