And so the weekend came to an end

As some might know, my good friend Kntheking was visiting me over the weekend. He arrived Friday the 13th (oh, noes!) and he went home today (Monday). It was fun to meet each other again. I’m a bit sad that we didn’t have a bunch of games to play, but we’ll take care of that later. It was just fun meeting again and talking. And that was awesome, indeed it was!
We also saw some tv-shows and movies. We saw Tucker & Dale VS Evil, and it was hilarious.
Especially if you like old slasher movies like Friday The 13th, Terror on Elm Street. But this one has a little twist, its a comedy. Watch it! If you like comedy and slashers, I think you’ll get something out of this.
And then we watched some Swedish “buskis” humor, I’m not sure what this is called in English.
But if you know who Stefan & Krister is, then that’s it! We saw the two newest movies, “Virus i Bataljonen” and “En Mor Till Salu!” They where both very good and I laughed more than I’ve done in a while, so if you are Swedish and like that kind of humor I recommend them.

We where out and walked much too, which I really enjoyed. It so damn boring to walk alone, so walking and talking with good friends is great. And speaking of great, it seems like PSN is finally starting to return!
Fucking finally! I’m still awaiting my new password so I can log into my Playstation 3, but hopefully I won’t have to wait that much longer. So hopefully I can soon resume my playthrough of Ar Tonelico Qoga. And after that I think I’ll give No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise a shot. If it has arrived that is.
I really should go to bed, but I’m not all that tired… But I guess I’ll be tired as hell at work tomorrow. But hopefully, when I return home I’ll be able to play some games. Take care ya all.

How I long for friday!

I’m looking forward to friday for a bunch of reasons, well many of them are only stuff I hope will happen. But there is one thing that is going to happen on friday and its something I’m madly looking forward to! I’m finally be able to meet my good friend KNtheking again IRL.
Its been over a year since we first and last met, so I’m looking forward to this.He is one of my closest and most important friends. We’ve know each other for about ten years know or so.  And he has helped me in the past with various things, and has always given me support. Which I’m ever greatful to.
He will come visit with Seraphim, another friend. While I do not know him as well, we have spoken and met in the past. So it’ll be fun to see him again too.

Since my 27th birthday is this month on the 27th I’m considering this an early birthday gift from them. So its hopefully going to be extra fun, either way I’m just looking forward of seeing them. And to all of my other friends reading, if you want to give me something for my birthday. Just give me money, since I moved its always good to have some lying around.
Now I’m not saying you have to get me anything, its just if you are I’ll rather take the cash.
I’m also currently thinking of having a “party” for the closest of my friends on the 30th October, I’m not to sure about it yet. I have to think about it some more. And firstly see how many would come.

Can’t sleep, but need to!

Urgh, I just hate it when you have to go to bed early. I’m supposed to go to a meeting with “Arbetsförmedlingen” today. So I would really like to feel rested when I have to get up around 07,00. Well, what happens? I’m more awake than I’ve been in a long time. Figures. The one time I really need my sleep, is of course the time I can’t sleep!
I was thinking of starting FFXIII but I’m sure I would be stuck with that all night, without any sleep at all. And I’d rather take a little sleep than no sleep at all.
So that kind of sucks, hope I’ll get some sleep and the meeting goes well later today. If it does I guess I’ll start my trainee post at ***** later this week.

I’ll be leaving with some RPG related news. Trinity Universe will get a release outside of Japan, the publisher has not been announced but it would surprise me if its NIS America. It seems like it will be ported to the Xbox 360 too, it was a PS3 game in Japan. Pretty nice, get it out to more people. I will check it out as soon as I can. – Siliconera.

Lady luck? Did you just smile at me?

Yeah, as people might know. I’m not the luckiest guy on earth. Far from it. More like the unluckiest. Well a few bits have changed and finally I feel a bit better.

The meeting with “arbetsförmedligen” went really well yesterday.
The person I met was really good and friendly. So we had a good chat.
And I’m pretty satisfied with what we talked about. No talks about school at least.
But perhaps I will go to a six weeks class later. They will help me with job applications and other stuff. That’s pretty good. So it feels good. I’m going to continue to search for jobs at the moment. A bit sad perhaps, but I’ve got more time for that now when I don’t have to sit in a school.

And for the biggest news. Which I’m actually not going to talk about. =)
Mainly for the reason, each time I have it has always gone to hell. So I’m keeping shut about it. But its 99.9% confirmed! Sometime next week, monday or tuesday (perhaps later). Well either way look forward to a very happy update from me. ^^

A meeting

In a few hours I’m going to have a meeting with “Arbetsförmedligen”.
So I’ll see what they have in store for me… I’m fearing the worst. And the worst being, that they’ll put me in a school like shit, like last time.
I’m really hoping that is not the case. I’m not sure I would survive that. Since the last place didn’t do shit for me. And I don’t feel like sitting by a computer 8h a day, in school like enviorment.
If it had been like a real school, where you actually could have learned something, then that would have been good.

So I’ll get back to this in a few hours when my fate is sealed… And on another note, I’m pretty proud of myself. I haven’t had any Coca Cola or other sodas for over a week now. And its going to stay that way.