PS3 Theme crazy!

So I’m torturing myself by making themes, for the Playstation 3. Why?
Well I have nothing better to do and its fun. Plus I’m trying to make a theme that I know I want. So I’ve currently done 4 PS3 themes. And you can get them all at
Its the site where I’ll be uploading all my themes on. There and on deviant.

I am also currently making a new theme. It will be one from one of my all time favorite animes and all the icons will be chnaged in this one. It has a costume made background to fit in. And will hopefully even have sound effects. So yeah! It will be a totally complete theme! Look forward to it. ^^

Here’s what I’ve done. Sorry, for the small thumbnails. But they will have to do.
Just enter the site and download them from there. And rate them if you want to…

Simple & Black [ All PS3 Themes ]

Simple & White [ All PS3 Themes ]

Playing X’mas [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

Xenosaga Fan [ All PS3 Themes ] [ Deviant ]

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