I want a new livejournal design!

I really want a new design for my livejournal. Anyone know some free designs someone can use? Or how to make your own?
I’m totally worthless on stuff like that. >.<

And I was wondering is there anyone out there who want a PS3 theme? Yeah, I’m taking request. If you wanna have one made by me that is… I’ll try my best to do one, for you. So just give me a shout either here or on deviant, with what you would like to see a theme on. ^^

Here is my BEST OF 2007 list.
Movies: Futurama Benders Big Score, Stardust, Transformers,

Music: Not much actually. I haven’t found something this year, that really got to me.

Anime: Genshiken 2, Minami-ke, Gundam 00, Prism Ark… There are probably more but that’s all I can remember.

Tv-series: Well I discovered Heroes and I loved it!
Can’t wait for season 3!

Games: Sadly I have almost played no game’s this year: :(
And I hate it. I’ev only been wishing for a PS3, so I guess that’s the closest I get. :(

Best day: December 15. We went out for dinner me and my whole family, and I recived a free divx DVD player from my sisters, boyfriend.
Everything went well that day. Its the best day I’ve had this year.

2 responses on I want a new livejournal design!

  1. Hm.. Yeah, perhaps the Portal song. mm…
    Naa, there is always something I don’t like with them. =/
    Smooth Sailing the one I’m using now is closest to what I want. But I’m still not really satisfied, I must learn how to do my own design. ^^

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