PlayStation 4 next month!

We are one month away from the release of PlayStation 4 in Europe and man, am I getting tired of waiting! I really hope this coming month will fly right by, because I really want to try the new console. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new controller (DualShock 4) and see for myself all the improvements that has been made. Everyone seems to love it, so I am really looking forward to hold it in my hands. The controller that is, what ware you thinking of!? ;)

But seriously, this month will be a killer. It will be the longest month of the entire year, without a doubt. But hopefully Batman: Arkham Origins for PS3 will keep me busy for a while. And I really hope my local GameStop will have a midnight launch, it hadn’t been decided yet. But you should think they would now about now, but I can only keep my fingers crossed. If they do a midnight launch I sure hope I can stay awake. XD

So if thinks go as I want know I’ll be getting two games on the release, Knack and hopefully Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. At least I know to 100% that I’ll be getting Knack. I’m really looking forward to that game, it looks like a fun platformer. The kind of platformers we got in the past, but seems to have been missing this gen.

A decade nearing its end

We are soon entering the last month of the year, month number twelve. So this year is almost over, it gone by fast and a lot of things has happened this year. Both good and bad, but for once the good outweighs the bad stuff. But it feels good, really good even.
Well, the past week I fell into a depression. Its not uncommon this time of year for me to feel really depressed, I even feel abandoned. It was a hard and heavy feeling to bear and while I know my friends are there, its hard to get rid of those thought you get. They dig deep into your mind and just grow…

Hopefully next year will bring more money, both November and December are going to be killer months. Hopefully I’ll survive on the all the goddamn pasta. As soon as I can afford it, I’m going out to eat something so good it will make regular food seem like crap!
Ah, hopefully I can travel more next year too. There is so much that I hope for, really crossing my fingers that I will get hired and earn some money. And not live with this piece of crap called an economy that I have now, I wanna do stuff!

As some might know, Leslie Nielsen passed away on November 28th. It really saddened me, since I liked his form of comedy and humor very much. He stars in one of my favorite movies of all time, Dracula: Dead and Loving it. You’ll be missed, R.I.P.
I also want to say happy birthday to my little brother Markus, that turns 20 today. Ugh, to think its seven years since I was twenty. Haha, time really does fly. Before I go to bed and try to get some sleep so I can be up and alert at work tomorrow, I leave you with this tasty treat! Gingerbread and milk! Gotta love that combo!

Yummy, yummy! I love milk and gingerbread cookies

And now October is here!

We wave goodbye to September and welcome (R)October with open arms.
Damn, this month is filled with games. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Brütal Legend and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. I know there are a lot more games that comes out. But these are the ones I really want. Well, I want Tekken 6, Demon’s Souls and Agarest: Generations of War also. Hopefully Gamestop will have good trade in deals for all the other games I want later. So hope I can get them then or at least later.

Since its a new month I picked a new girl, to have on the site. As you can see to your left. She is from Final Fantasy XIII and is named Serah. And is Lightnings sister.
I’m a big fan of her design… Really looking forward to FFXIII.
Its been pretty good at “Kristianstad Lego”. Sadly I’ve been sick so I’ve missed a few days, well mostly sad since I loose money. Well at least the people there are better/nicer than I thought. So I guess it will be pretty good there as long as my migraine keeps away.

Other than the above stuff, I’ve been playing a bit of Wild Arms 1 on my PS3.
Finally cleared the “Tripillar” dungeon and could move on. Now I just have to find “Giant’s Cradle” so I can continue the adventure. I really want to finish this so I can start playing Wild Arms 2. Since I’ve cleared Batman Arkham Asylum, I’ve entered a Batman mode. So I’m starting to watch Batman The Animated Series (TAS for short).
Probably going to re-watch the old movies sometime soon also.
Any other tips on Batman stuff I should take a look at?
Oh, yeah… And its 26 days untill I turn 26. Ugh..