A decade nearing its end

We are soon entering the last month of the year, month number twelve. So this year is almost over, it gone by fast and a lot of things has happened this year. Both good and bad, but for once the good outweighs the bad stuff. But it feels good, really good even.
Well, the past week I fell into a depression. Its not uncommon this time of year for me to feel really depressed, I even feel abandoned. It was a hard and heavy feeling to bear and while I know my friends are there, its hard to get rid of those thought you get. They dig deep into your mind and just grow…

Hopefully next year will bring more money, both November and December are going to be killer months. Hopefully I’ll survive on the all the goddamn pasta. As soon as I can afford it, I’m going out to eat something so good it will make regular food seem like crap!
Ah, hopefully I can travel more next year too. There is so much that I hope for, really crossing my fingers that I will get hired and earn some money. And not live with this piece of crap called an economy that I have now, I wanna do stuff!

As some might know, Leslie Nielsen passed away on November 28th. It really saddened me, since I liked his form of comedy and humor very much. He stars in one of my favorite movies of all time, Dracula: Dead and Loving it. You’ll be missed, R.I.P.
I also want to say happy birthday to my little brother Markus, that turns 20 today. Ugh, to think its seven years since I was twenty. Haha, time really does fly. Before I go to bed and try to get some sleep so I can be up and alert at work tomorrow, I leave you with this tasty treat! Gingerbread and milk! Gotta love that combo!

Yummy, yummy! I love milk and gingerbread cookies

Vila i frid

Sorry, Swedish only.

Idag var jag på den första begravningen i mitt liv. Och tyvärr var det min bästa väns, mammas begravning. Hon gick bort i cancer, allt gick väldigt hastigt. Allt började Augusti förra året och förra veckan avled hon. Åsa kommer att saknas. Till hennes familj och andra nära, så vill jag att ni ska veta att både jag och min familj tänker på er. Hör av er om ni vill prata eller något annat. Jag ställer upp.

Vila i frid Åsa Tolvaly.
Och jag tänker på er alla i resten av familjen dagligen.
Anders, Hans, Rikard, Mats & Robert. Ni är inte ensamma vi ställer upp.