PlayStation 4 next month!

We are one month away from the release of PlayStation 4 in Europe and man, am I getting tired of waiting! I really hope this coming month will fly right by, because I really want to try the new console. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new controller (DualShock 4) and see for myself all the improvements that has been made. Everyone seems to love it, so I am really looking forward to hold it in my hands. The controller that is, what ware you thinking of!? ;)

But seriously, this month will be a killer. It will be the longest month of the entire year, without a doubt. But hopefully Batman: Arkham Origins for PS3 will keep me busy for a while. And I really hope my local GameStop will have a midnight launch, it hadn’t been decided yet. But you should think they would now about now, but I can only keep my fingers crossed. If they do a midnight launch I sure hope I can stay awake. XD

So if thinks go as I want know I’ll be getting two games on the release, Knack and hopefully Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. At least I know to 100% that I’ll be getting Knack. I’m really looking forward to that game, it looks like a fun platformer. The kind of platformers we got in the past, but seems to have been missing this gen.

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  1. Hoppas att du får riktigt kul med den när den släpps! Har själv avbokat min då jag behöver pengarna till annat. Får underhålla mig med Mario 3D World, nya Ys och nya Zelda istället. :)

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Ah, ja det är ju bättre att använda pengarna till annat om det nu behövs. Hade jag inte använt mig av inbytes delarna, hade jag också fått vänta på den.
    Du lär ju ha ett bättre och större utbud när du väl köper din. =)

    Du, det är mer än väl underhållning det som räcker ett bra tag. :D

  3. I think November will just fly by. You’ll own a PS4 sooner than you think! :) I’m wishing for one as an X-mas gift, but I don’t think I’ll get one. And there are no fun games for me to play to begin with anyways, so yeah, I can wait until 2014 if I have to. :)

    Even more so I look forward to Bravely Default. Although I won’t have time to game any of it until I have some free time (hopefully) come X-mas.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your new best friend once you get your hands on it! I really liked trying it out at Gamex. The controller felt really nice, with its updates. Also, I love the look of the console itself, so sleek and pretty. ^__^

  4. @ Lania:
    Yeah, November will probably fly by real quick. Heck, we are already 24 days from the release. Really hope you get one for X-mas. =)
    If it wasn’t for Gamestops deals, I wouldn’t have gotten one until next year. I really want Infamous: Second Son. =D

    Ohh, right. Had almost forgotten about Bravely Default. I think I’ll get a Nintendo 2DS in the future, it doesn’t cramp my hands and I’ll be getting BD then.

    Oh, I probably will! =D
    I must say I sure jealous! Wish I had a chance to try it out a bit earlier. But I’m glad you like it. :D

  5. @ Micke:
    It was fun to try out the Playroom with all the little robots. ^^ I like the way Sony is focusing their design around black and blue – awesome colors. And on the other hand I hate Microsoft for their neon-puke-green. ;P Haha, Sony fan-girl or what? ;D

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