And now October is here!

We wave goodbye to September and welcome (R)October with open arms.
Damn, this month is filled with games. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Brütal Legend and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. I know there are a lot more games that comes out. But these are the ones I really want. Well, I want Tekken 6, Demon’s Souls and Agarest: Generations of War also. Hopefully Gamestop will have good trade in deals for all the other games I want later. So hope I can get them then or at least later.

Since its a new month I picked a new girl, to have on the site. As you can see to your left. She is from Final Fantasy XIII and is named Serah. And is Lightnings sister.
I’m a big fan of her design… Really looking forward to FFXIII.
Its been pretty good at “Kristianstad Lego”. Sadly I’ve been sick so I’ve missed a few days, well mostly sad since I loose money. Well at least the people there are better/nicer than I thought. So I guess it will be pretty good there as long as my migraine keeps away.

Other than the above stuff, I’ve been playing a bit of Wild Arms 1 on my PS3.
Finally cleared the “Tripillar” dungeon and could move on. Now I just have to find “Giant’s Cradle” so I can continue the adventure. I really want to finish this so I can start playing Wild Arms 2. Since I’ve cleared Batman Arkham Asylum, I’ve entered a Batman mode. So I’m starting to watch Batman The Animated Series (TAS for short).
Probably going to re-watch the old movies sometime soon also.
Any other tips on Batman stuff I should take a look at?
Oh, yeah… And its 26 days untill I turn 26. Ugh..

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