Ready to crash some castles!

My friend Ezakiel gave me a gift today. He gave me a game! He gave me, Castle Crashers for Playstation 3! So now I can finally have some online multiplayer fun!
Come on KNtheking! Come and play with us, we both want to play this game with you. But of course, you and I will play it too. You and I! Thanks again, Ezakiel. This is awesome.

I cried

I’ve been really depressed today. And I mean really down. I still am, I’m feeling down because of a lot of things. Despite all this, I just think its amazing what power some stuff has. Or what a friend can do. Just right now my friend Jesper, was at my place to give me a late birthday present its a also a early Christmas present. Even if this might be worthless to some, this really saved me today. And he saved me from perhaps doing something stupid….

He gave me one thing I’ve wanted of a very long time and something I thought would just be a dream. Something I would never own. Again, some of you might think its juts crap. But this really means a whole lot for me. And I’ll be thankful. So now I’m sitting here in my room, still feeling depressed, but much happier if that makes sense.

Wooohooo!!! :D

Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have a working Xbox 360! And hopefully it will stay functional. Hurray! But I think it will at least longer since this one has not acted up as my previous one did.

Please let there be a god and keep mine safe!