Weekend will be nerdy

Damn I am tired. I started working with a new client at work and we have to get up early to go there. So this week is my “start working early” week, next week are regular working hours. It’s a good place I like it there, but damn I am tired. Haven’t played anything this week because of tiredness. Not packed anything either preparing for my move, gotta do that next week.
Sure I still have a lot of time, but if I just sit around and wait doing nothing that time will soon be all up. God! I am so looking forward to moving, get to a better quiet neighborhood.

Now this upcoming weekend I am going to Malmö, it’s the SCI-FI convention! Been looking forward to that for a year now. Gonna take a lot of pictures again. Lance Henriksen will be one of the guests this year, he is awesome and has a cool voice. Gonna be awesome.

You see a bug hole, NUKE IT!

Yesterday there was a reptilian convention at Yllan where I live. They have this convention once a year, and a good old friend of my family usually is there with some of his bugs and reptiles. While it is a reptilian con, there are actually mostly spiders and bugs. Or rather 50/50 of each, they should have called it Exotic animal convention or something instead. Its been like 6-8 years since I last visited here, so it was fun to get to visit it again. And this time I went with my good friends Elden, Anders and his girlfriend Marija.

I really wanted the glass in the upcoming pictur! It was an awesome looking glass with a really cool scorpion motive. But sadly I didn’t bring any money with me and they didn’t take credit cards. And the nearest ATM was about 15-20 minutes away, suer not that long. But it was packed with people and we wanted to see the rest of the fair. I’ll get it next year if they come again, then I’ll be better prepared.
I must have it! I wonder if they have a website or something… Gotta Google that later.

My first reaction to the worms(?) is that they look like shit. So shit worms, that’s what I’ll call them for now. And then we have that freakish spider in the picture after the shit worms. Ugh, it made my skin crawl and mad me go What the fuck!
My friend Ante, who usually brings his stuff here has his own website. Lovenest, check it out if you are Swedish and are looking for bugs and stuff. And if you are afraid of bugs and such, it might be best if you look away right now.

This made me a bit freakish seeing a black widow in real life. The one on my photo is a female, thy did have a male too. But he was so small in comparison and the photo of it didn’t turn out very good. Then we have the armored crickets, creepy bugs. And last bu certainly not least! The green little lizard. It’s like he is popping up and going “Hey! What’s going on here?” I just love it. I took over 200 pictures of this day, but of course I won’t be posting all. Even if I wanted to, but these are some of my favorite photos. Might post more in other posts in the future.

The Sci-Fi Convention in Malmö

Ahh! I feel all energized again! Was good to get some sleep last night. It was very fun and interesting at the Sci-Fi Convention in Malmö, I guess I was expecting a bit more. But still, it was very nice and I had a blast! I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw a girl had come dressed as Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles. It was awesome to see, the not so standard cosplaying.

So here a bunch of pictures I took, all in all I took about 164 photos. Of course I won’t upload them all here, but I took some of them I liked the most and wanted to share them with you. Anyone else from Loading who was at the convention?
Or from Kristianstad maybe? Drop me a line!! I had an awesome time with both Elden and
ZX-Omega, can hardly wait for the convention next year! We’ll all be going again then hopefully!

The guy with the Grim Reaper mask was awesome, he made mask himself. Not the Grim Reaper one thou! He was very fun to talk with and he has such passion and enthusiasm when he spoke. It really sounded like he loved his job. My friend Elden bought a Grim Reaper mask from him. And the last picture is of me with Freddy Kruger’s classic glove. Heh, updated my Facebook with a modified version of the pic. Same as I added to my “About Me” section on the site.

On the way to the convention we passed by a game developers building! I thought that was pretty neat. Then I got the chance to take a photo of Boba Fett. A lifesize(?) figure of Darth Maul that you could bid on. Warp speed, Mr.Zulu! Symphony of the Night really is expensive! And in crappy condition.
The head pieces where so damn detailed! The Iron Man figure was awesome as well! But my favorite has to be of the Terminator from Terminator Salvation seen below. Love it.

The real Lightsaber Mark Hamill used in Return of The Jedi. A friendly Stormtrooper posing for us as soon as he saw I had my camera ready. And a cosplayer dressed as Darth Maul came later! Some Star Trek stuff below, Darth Vader marching with his crew. More cool mask from the Grim Reaper mask guy! Again, so damn awesome!

We also managed to capture V on photo. This whole day was awesome and one big nerdgasm, I’m looking forward to doing this again next year!