You see a bug hole, NUKE IT!

Yesterday there was a reptilian convention at Yllan where I live. They have this convention once a year, and a good old friend of my family usually is there with some of his bugs and reptiles. While it is a reptilian con, there are actually mostly spiders and bugs. Or rather 50/50 of each, they should have called it Exotic animal convention or something instead. Its been like 6-8 years since I last visited here, so it was fun to get to visit it again. And this time I went with my good friends Elden, Anders and his girlfriend Marija.

I really wanted the glass in the upcoming pictur! It was an awesome looking glass with a really cool scorpion motive. But sadly I didn’t bring any money with me and they didn’t take credit cards. And the nearest ATM was about 15-20 minutes away, suer not that long. But it was packed with people and we wanted to see the rest of the fair. I’ll get it next year if they come again, then I’ll be better prepared.
I must have it! I wonder if they have a website or something… Gotta Google that later.

My first reaction to the worms(?) is that they look like shit. So shit worms, that’s what I’ll call them for now. And then we have that freakish spider in the picture after the shit worms. Ugh, it made my skin crawl and mad me go What the fuck!
My friend Ante, who usually brings his stuff here has his own website. Lovenest, check it out if you are Swedish and are looking for bugs and stuff. And if you are afraid of bugs and such, it might be best if you look away right now.

This made me a bit freakish seeing a black widow in real life. The one on my photo is a female, thy did have a male too. But he was so small in comparison and the photo of it didn’t turn out very good. Then we have the armored crickets, creepy bugs. And last bu certainly not least! The green little lizard. It’s like he is popping up and going “Hey! What’s going on here?” I just love it. I took over 200 pictures of this day, but of course I won’t be posting all. Even if I wanted to, but these are some of my favorite photos. Might post more in other posts in the future.

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