January the crappy month

And so a month of 2010 has passed. All in all January was a terrible month, especially economically. January did have its fair of good days, but they where to few…
Like I got in contact with an old friend I had thought I’ve lost and getting my HDTV. Beside those two things, there was not much else to weight up the month. And both those good things, happened in the end week of January. I’m really hoping February will be much better… I think I’m gonna start working soon, I’m going to be at a place called ***** and do some cleaning. Like cleaning in schools I think. Hopefully I won’t have to clean up, other peoples shit and I really mean it literally! This is just a job test from “Arbetsförmedlingen“, I’m pretty sure I can’t get a job at *****, but at least I can get experience and search for jobs like it.

And tomorrow hopefully White Knight Chronicles, will be shipped out. So I’m really rooting for it to arrive on Friday the 5th. Come on, come on! Well that’s just about the only thing I’m looking forward to this month, I’m hoping it won’t be a boring month and it will be better economically. Well in March is time for Final Fantasy XIII, seems like I will be getting it thanks to a trade-in deal with Gamestop.

I also thought I was pretty active here on the site last month, with 16 whole posts. Its the largest number of posts in a month for quite some time.
Okay, sure it was 14posts in December. But still! It’s been fun writing. Hoping there will be many fun things to write about this year and not only the bad stuff.

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