My day (with pictures!)

Well firstly this month has been slow as hell. Its been pretty boring.
And I just want it to be over, so I can get my hands on Metal Gear Solid 4 sooner!
The more I think about it, I can’t seem to find very positive stuff about this month, sure its had its golden moments, as when an old friend of the family gave me their old bike. It may not look like much but its functional and I don’t have to buy one.

Well I decided to do something different today. I decided to take pictures of some of the stuff that has had some sort of importance today. Like what I’ve been doing. This is very unlike me, I never take picture, but what the hell! I’m going to do this June 12 too.

Wild Arms Wild Arms

The first thing I did today when I got up was to boot up the PS3 and started Playing Wild Arms 1. I played for about two hours and after that I did some other tings, like watch some anime and had dinner. And I forgot to take pictures of those things. =/

When the clock was around 19,25 I decided to take my bike and take a 7-8km long ride to Willys. Why? I wanted to cola. This is probably the the dumbest thing I’ve done for cola so far. -.-

My bike Cola

Willys had and offer that I wanted to take part of. Buy 3 coca Cola company drinks and get a special Eufa Cola glass. I got this glass yesterday since my parents had bought some soda and today I bought myself and got a glass.
Which I gave to my mother since she collects special cola glasses. So she was happy. After I had gotten home I was sweaty and tired. So before I hit the shower (no pics sorry), I shaved my head completely. Ahhh, how I love being hairless.

It's a me! PlayStation 3

So not much remains of the day, right now I’m looking at my PS3 and thinking about how much I love it. I want to hug it. And I’m going to end this day by playing more Wild Arms. Thanks for taking your time to read all this. The next picture day update will be better. ^^
I hope I can afford a HDTV soon!!! Actually I hope I can afford anything soon. =)

5 responses on My day (with pictures!)

  1. OMG yey pictures! :D This is great for me, so I know who to look for once you come to Västervik and we’re supposed to pick you up. ;)
    How do you like Wild ARMs so far? :) Is it what you remembered it to be? LOL, those 3D-fights are so ugly! XD
    I’m so happy you got a bike! :D That’s great! I wish I had a bike too, but ah well, I can get pretty far by just walking. ;)

  2. Hehe, yeah. That can always be a good thing. XD
    Actually. I like the game more now than before. Now I see how much resemblance there is between WA1 and WA3 and I like it!

    I think my right leg is a bit shorter than my left leg, so when I walk the right leg takes all the weight and it hurts like hell after a while. =/
    I don’t get that problem with a bike, so I’m very happy. ^^
    adn I can finally get some exercise again. ^^

  3. :D
    Yeah, I like it too. Too bad they ruined everything that was good with WA in WA4. =(
    How’s WA5? You had it right? Hope there will be a WA6 that follows more in WA1 & 3’s footsteps.

  4. I liked WA4, though it was different. :)
    WA5 is a perfect blend between the old and the new stuff, I think. You really should get it if you can. And I hope there will be a WA6 too! O_o

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