It is finally happening

That’s right! It is finally happening! What’s happening you might or might not wonder, well I have started going to the gym! I’m finally on the way to get my health on track and get rid of all my overweight. I’m really happy about that and it feels great! I’ve been there two times already and its pretty fun actually and I enjoy it, I’ve cleared all the other hurdles that has been thrown at me at life. When I have lost weight and keep on building myself up, I’m finally free of the past, I started eating because of all the bullying at school and through out my life. It became sort of a comfort when things got hard to just eat and so it continue for many many years. But I’m finally putting and end to that, I haven’t had any kinds of soda for over a month, I’ve cut down on all sugar intakes. While I do still eat some candy, but only on Saturdays now. Or at certain occasions, but definitely not every day like it used to be.

I’m also slowly changing my diet, eating a little less and adding more vegetables. Changing from white bread to a dark healthier bread, changing to a healthier butter. But I don’t eat all that much bread anymore, but it good to change either way. I’m going to start eating foods with more full grain, even if I’m not overly fond of that, but I have to or rather I want to make these changes, I really want to lose weight and slim down. As soon as I know I’ve made progress and I have been able to weigh myself properly I won’t be posting any pictures or say my weight. Mostly because I’m not 100% sure that I weigh as much as I did last time I check myself, could be more could be less. And I want to post picture later, when you can see a difference. Looking forward too that day indeed. And I want too give a big thanks to my MP3-player, thank you for letting me ignore other people and for being an awesome partner at the gym.

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  1. Oh wow, this is so awesome! :D GO YOU! Going to the gym IS fun! I never thought I’d like working out on machines, but it’s pretty nifty. But I do like swimming a bit more and since I got my FitBit I walk at least 10 000 steps every day. :)

    Also, great choice on eating less candy, and only on a specific day. Man, I am so PROUD of you! There’s nothing you can do. :) Yey!

  2. @ Lania:
    Thank you! Your words means so much to me.
    It’s hard now in the beginning, but I’m trying to fight my way through. Trying to go at least three times a week now, hope I can add more days later when I’m more used to it.
    I’m also thinking of getting a FitBit later, seems like a really good thing to have.

    Yeah, I’m trying at least to eat as little candy as I can. But it seems like I took away to much suger from myself, so I had to have some yesterday. I feel bad about it now, but I have to find a better balance. I used to eat a lot of junk stuff and candy, so its no easy transition. But I’m going to make it.
    Thanks again Lania, your words continue to inspire me to work harder.

  3. @ Micke:
    Yeah, it can be hard to quit cold turkey with the candy. Might I suggest you start eating dark chocolate? At least it’s healthier and since it’s not as sweet you don’t eat as much of it. :)
    But don’t feel too bad! It’s good that you’re keeping yourself in check, but it’s not like you are going into a full relapse. Also, eat fruit! Bananas and grapes are great! Also, blueberries and raspberries are great as well. And, I like to eat “kvarg” – the one that is vanilla flavored. It has a lot of proteins and is a bit sweet, but it’s a nice snack instead of candy and you only need a few spoons of it to fill that craving. :)
    Go you, you can do it! :D

  4. @ Lania:
    I can’t stand dark chocolate. So if I had to eat that, I’d just quit anyway. XD
    I try to eat as much fruit as I can and drink more water. But my stomach can’t handle the water well. Where I lived before I had terrible drinking water, so my stomach gets upset if I drink to much.
    I’ve had a couple of sin days this week, mostly because I’ve slept terribly and needed the energy I can from sugary stuff, I hate it. But what can you do? =/
    At least I am at the gym three times a week and try to get the best possible workout. Hopefully it will work, I’ll post pictures later when I can see some results.

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