Some update and Uncharted 2 cleared!

Well I’m finally trying to loose weight, I’ve been without candy or soda for two days. Big fucking whoop right? Well for me it is. One I stopped with soda but for reasons I can’t remember I started to drink again. Then I’ve tried some times again but it didn’t go so well. Guess I am a sodaholic or something. =P
Well thanks to a friend of mine I’m now very motivated to stop eating candy and drinking soda, I wanna loose weight and return to the figure I’ve once had. But I must stop with this shit first, its gonna be hard since my body is used to sugar.
But I’m gonna try my hardest. That’s also what the “DAYS” counting in the sidebar is keeping track of the days I’ve been without any of it. If you have any tips that can help, I would appreciate them.

In other news, I’ve cleared Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Awesome game! I like it better than the first one. And it was a bit longer too, which I really liked. If you liked the first game, you really should get this one. Gonna replay it on hard next time so I can unlock the “crushing” difficulty level… Need to finish that if I want to gather trophies in the game. So that’s what’s up next, at least until I get
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time. Well, I might also play a bit of
Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard too. I’ll probably do that first actually.

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