It is finally happening

That’s right! It is finally happening! What’s happening you might or might not wonder, well I have started going to the gym! I’m finally on the way to get my health on track and get rid of all my overweight. I’m really happy about that and it feels great! I’ve been there two times already and its pretty fun actually and I enjoy it, I’ve cleared all the other hurdles that has been thrown at me at life. When I have lost weight and keep on building myself up, I’m finally free of the past, I started eating because of all the bullying at school and through out my life. It became sort of a comfort when things got hard to just eat and so it continue for many many years. But I’m finally putting and end to that, I haven’t had any kinds of soda for over a month, I’ve cut down on all sugar intakes. While I do still eat some candy, but only on Saturdays now. Or at certain occasions, but definitely not every day like it used to be.

I’m also slowly changing my diet, eating a little less and adding more vegetables. Changing from white bread to a dark healthier bread, changing to a healthier butter. But I don’t eat all that much bread anymore, but it good to change either way. I’m going to start eating foods with more full grain, even if I’m not overly fond of that, but I have to or rather I want to make these changes, I really want to lose weight and slim down. As soon as I know I’ve made progress and I have been able to weigh myself properly I won’t be posting any pictures or say my weight. Mostly because I’m not 100% sure that I weigh as much as I did last time I check myself, could be more could be less. And I want to post picture later, when you can see a difference. Looking forward too that day indeed. And I want too give a big thanks to my MP3-player, thank you for letting me ignore other people and for being an awesome partner at the gym.

Busy, busy, busy!

Heh, it feels like the only thing i’m doing is working. And it leaves very lite time over for other stuff. I haven’t played games for some time either, so it feels a bit sad. I like my work I just wish I had a few days on weekdays that I could have some time off.

I finally started to play again yesterday, I started with Ar Tonelico Qoga. A game I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I’ll post impressions later and a reveiw on RPGbloggen later. I’m also hoping I can play White Knight Chronicles 2 and No More Heroes for the Playstation 3 in May when they are released.

I’ve also been thinking about changing the theme on my site, I have had this one for a while now and I want to update. I want to add more stuff on the “About Me” section. I want to change the listing in “Cleared Games”. A lot of stuff I wanna do but where to find the time between work and gaming? Guess we’ll see.

Row, row, fight the spam!

As I’ve said before I’m having huge trouble with spammers. Fucking assholes of the earth.
I used SI CAPTCHA before and it worked good against spam. But some people have complained that they can’t post anything since they can’t see the letters. Well that’s why I’m using this new anti-spam plugin.
If won’t show any images, you just need to type in a math number, its fast and easy.
And it will work even for those who had problems with SI CAPTCHA.
So hopefully this means, people will actually have enough energy to comment again. Since I installed CAPTCHA, people have been so lazy with the comments. Sadly.
Sure I understand I might not make the most interesting of posts, but come on hey! Take a little time to comment now. ;)

I’ve also added something to the site. You might see there is a new link on the main menu here above, called Reviews. Every review I post will automatically be posted as a link in that list. Took some time to get right, but I finally manged to get it to work. So my review posts won’t show on the front page here anymore, but instead turn up in that list. So when I make a review I’ll make a post somewhere, to inform people that there is a new review added. So far the game reviews are in Swedish and will probably most likely stay that way. For now at least.