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So it has been a while since I last posted. Well as usually of late, there has been much to do in my real life, like work and other stuff I have no direct control over.
And I’ve been having some writers block for some time now. I love to write, but I just can’t get into the mood and write something. I’d love to continue writing me and Elden’s fantasy story, especially since we rebooted it. The only down part in this, except for the writers block is my mild dyslexia, something I try to overcome as much as possible.

And speaking if writing I have been writing on a blog since 2006, that’s a pretty long time. Why do I do it? Well as I said I like to write so that is one reason, another reason is for me to process some stuff. I write both good and bad stuff that happens and by doing that it helps me process some of it. If it’s bad stuff I can get it of my chest, and if it is good its worth mentioning.  The best thing about writing the bad stuff is to read it later when you have overcome what ever it was. And I do it for the reason that my memory can be really crappy at times, and there are some things I want to remember. I write my blog for myself and if others see it and read it, that is fine.

On another note, last weekend me and Elden started our Mega Man X marathon. We finished MMX1 to MMX3 and are at the end of MMX4, that was very fun. We had some problem.with a real shit controller but that’s fixed now. So next time will be a much better experience. Not really looking forward to playthrough MMX7… But that’s just something we have to do. And we would have loved to do.videos if these marathon playthroughs and talk about the games while playing them. Maybe some other time, but that is something I really wanna do.

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  1. I haven’t been writing much either these days. Almost 2 months since I wrote something on my personal blog and almost 1 month since I wrote at RPGaiden.
    It’s not that I don’t have stuff to write about, it just seems that I wanna be in the moment and live my life instead of writing about it, you know? Also, the way I’m living now, I’m afraid I might sound like I’m bragging and perhaps jinx all the good stuff I’m doing. So I’d rather not. Also, I’m not living the way I am to receive praise from strangers, I’m doing it for myself.
    Sometimes I miss blogging, because I love to write (as you can see from my long-ass comments to you…). I don’t even spend time on Twitter or Instagram that much anymore. Perhaps I’m missing out, perhaps I don’t. Life seems less stressful these days.
    Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say. :) Hope you’re doing fine and enjoying the nice summer weather.

  2. Yeah, I am doing fine. :)
    I just write because I got to get my thoughts out, if I keep them inside it feels like its too much at times.
    Just like you I don’t write to get praise or things like that from people. I write because I need to. ^^

    Hope you are having a good time too a d enjoy life, I think it is great that things seems to be well. So of course you should live your life instead of writing about it. :)

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