Things will change

Hello, everyone. Are you doing fine?
Well I’m doing okay, it could be a lot better. Hope it will get better soon…

Anyway. The big news today is that will soon be a forgotten memory. Yes, that’s right. I’ll be changing my domain name.
And in the future it will be So no more of .tk ads. So it feels great that I’m soon getting a better domain name.
I’m also hoping I can do more on my blog. Add more stuff, perhaps do some reviews or something.
So I’m going to try and redesign everything again. I want a more serious look on the blog now, when I’m getting a real domain name. Sure .tk has served me well for almost 4years but it feels like its time to move on, get something better and without ads. Any suggestions on what can be done would be very welcomed .

14 responses on Things will change

  1. Heya mate.
    Sure, I’m doing okay, except that Lania just left me to go back home, you get this not-so-funny feeling inside.

    What’s up with you? Disgaea 3 must be shipping soon, eh?

  2. Thank you. =D
    Well it feels good to pay for the domain name now, I’ve had a website for over 8years now.
    Pretty various stuff. So I thought I could spend 6dollars a year on it. =)

    As you might see, the design has changed a little.
    But I’m hoping to get it even better. Its so hard with all the CSS coding. >.<

  3. Damn, I wanna learn CSS too. O_o I don’t want it to be hard, I want it to be easy! I think it’s looking good though, only that the text is flowing out of the yellow part, if you know what I mean. Is that because I use Firefox or…?

  4. You mean the “Home of MJ” text?
    Well I’ve placed it into the yellow part.
    Just for now. I’m hoping to get a better header for the site.

    Yeah, CSS ain’t funny. I thought I had learned some, but ha. Jokes on me.
    Its hard. And if you make one misstake you’re screwed if you don’t know how to fix it. Issh.

  5. Hm…. Vafan…
    Har inte det problemet själv i FF. :S
    Du skulle inte vilja vara jättesnäll och ta en screenshot på det?
    Måste ju se till att det blir fixat.

  6. Mm, märkte det. Skumt som fan.
    I FireFox ser jag det helt normalt. Men i Internet explorer ser jag problemen du beskriver.
    Jobbigt när en kod funkar olika i olika webläsare. Nåja, det är bara att arbeta på tills det klaffar. =)

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