Not funny. Not at all.

It just came to my attention that someone has created a new Livejournal account with my name and username. Gone by the name of micke_yazuka. I want to assure people that its not me, not even close. I’ve left LJ for good and I have no plans of ever returning there.
And I really hate the fact that someone is trying to be me, honestly I don’t like this one bit…
I don’t know who you are who did this or why. But as I said I don’t appreciate this one bit, If you have something you want to say or do there, please at least do it with your own stuff and don’t drag me into this shit. Please… I know this since I got contacted by one who had been added as a friend, I was on that friendlist when I had LJ.
So the person assumed it was I, but its not. I know a bunch of people is using the same username I am, but I still hate it when people pretend to be me. I don’t like it at all, as I said don’t drag me into whatever it is you want. Some might not take this as a big deal, but I do feel really upset over this.

Sites that I am on. 100% the real Micke “Yazuka” Johansson. I’m using either Yazuka or Yazuka83 on these sites, if its not on this list its not me.,, neogaf, Gamefaqs, youtube, deviantart, cheapassgamer, kotaku, IMDB, animenewsnetwork, gametrailers, siliconera, twitter, facebook,, shadowhaxor, Rangerboard,, Kawaii Art Zone, Mygamercard, ps3trophies,org, photobucket, myanimelist, tradera,

Goodbye 2010

2010 has been a pretty good year, its had its ups and downs. But its mostly been a really good year, not a very good gaming year. For me then, I’ve mostly had disappointments when it comes to games. A shame, but thankfully 2011 looks way better for me in terms of games. So I’m hoping 2011 will be a really will be a good gaming year and a good year all around.
I’ve also counted the views on my site since January 2010 and I counted the views last night to 11181. That’s a lot of views! But it feels really nice man. And with this post I’ve made 98 posts this year. I also have some other stuff planned for next year a new project I’m gonna give a go. I’m just hoping there will be time and energy to spend on it, but we’ll see.
Have a great last day of 2010 and happy new year to you all!

The games I list here doesn’t necessarily have been released this year, but are games I’ve played this year.

GOOD: Darksiders, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Infamous, Heavy Rain.
SURPRISE: Nier, Transformers War For Cybertron.
LETDOWN: Final Fantasy XIII, Atelier Rorona, Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

Some games I’m really looking forward to in 2011. And Hopefully I’ll get them all

Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, Disgaea 3, Ar Tonelico Quga, Hyperdemenson Neptunia,
ICO/SOTC Collection, White Knight Chronicles 2.

Finally a new design

I have finally updated the design on my site! I’m really happy with this new one, I think it looks so much better now. Just made some tweaks here and there, to suit me a bit better.
Its a much nicer and sleeker theme and its got everything I need. As I said I’m really happy with this, now I’m hoping to change other stuff later. But we’ll see, what that’ll be.

There has been something big that has happened, but since its just crap I don’t want to talk about it. And you who do know it, please don’t write about it. I just want to forget all about it.
Again, I’m sick. My damn fever comes back like a boomerang, well hopefully my penicillin will take care of it once and for all. But yeah, I’m feeling a bit better now.
Guess I’ll stay home rest of the week just to be sure its gone. I was only going to work tomorrow also, I had the day of on Friday and on Thursday we have a holiday, day here in Sweden. Hopefully I won’t have to spend me free day sick.

On Friday is also another big day for me! Finally I’ll get my hands on 3D Dot Game Heroes! How I have awaited that game! Hope it will make me relive those older happier gaming days and give me the same or at least soem amount of happiness I get from The Legend Zelda: A Link To The Past. It all remains to be seen but I think it will be good.
So I’ll be back on Friday and will hopefully leave my impressions of the game! See you then!

ApocalyPS3, are you screwed?

If you have an older phat/big Playstation 3, you might have gotten the time-leap bug. This bug/problem has been named, ApocalyPS3. Not by me sadly, but by the people of the internet. I’m not going to much into what the bug does, you’ll have to Google that for yourselves. You’ll get better and more accurate info that way also.
Me and my friend Elden our PS3’s where not affected by the time-leap bug at least. Sadly my friends Kntheking & Ezakiel where not as lucky… Hope their machines will start working properly again soon.
How are your PS3 doing? Is it safe or have you fallen prey to ApocalyPS3? If you have a new Ps3 slim model you are safe from this.

I’ve done some minor changes to the site and I continue to work on it slowly. Trying new stuff and new colors. All to be as pleased as I can be with the site and by doing stuff myself. Hopefully It will get even better with time.
And this is the month Final Fantasy XIII will be released, really looking forward to playing that game myself. Just a few more days until its released.

Be gone, ye foul sugar!

I’ve been trying my best to not take in as much sugar as I did before. While I still eat snacks from time to time, its not as bad as it used to be. Which I’m very happy about.
I haven’t had any coca cola for 56 days
either, that’s where most of my sugar intake came from. And as I said, I’ve been eating less snacks and candy. which is also a very good improvement on my part, and as soon as the weather gets better its time to go out and run a bit. Build up my stamina and start training more. I really, really want to get back into shape. Enough is enough! While I do drink some Fanta and Sprite from time to time, its much more controlled than before. Be gone, ye foul sugar!

It also seems like my friend Kntheking has gotten his Livejournal account hacked too. So if you have my old LJ account there, perhaps you should change your passwords. I don’t know it it has anything to do with it, but better safe than sorry. I’m not to concernd with my old account if I get it back or not, but it would be a shame for the friends I have who use it, to have theirs deleted. Well anyway I gave him a bit of my space so he could continue to make posts. You can find his new site here!

My friend Elden is also coming over this weekend I hope. We are going to watch a bunch of movies. Its gonna be a real blast. I’m really looking forward to it. We are gonna watch a classic that none of us have seen. Blade Runner. Yeah, we haven’t seen it so its about time! There will be more movies than that to watch, we just haven’t decided yet. But either way, good company over the weekend is great!

Some updates to the site

I’ve done some updating on the site. Like adding a drop down menu in the menu tab above. The only problem is that folks that use Internet Explorer 6 or older can’t use the menu. And I can’t seem to get any sort of javascript to work either, so poeple can use them. So there will be links in the sidebar for the new stuff that has been added to the menu tabs. Well for now at least. I’m just having them there for now, so I know everyone who wants to visit the site can see everything.
They will disappear with time. I’m just being nice now. ;)
I know the site works perfectly fine in FireFox, so I have no idéa how it looks like in other browsers. But hopefully it looks good there too. I’ve also decided to hide the tags I use on every post, I was started to get annoyed with having them in posts and I think it looks better without them.

The first new thing to appear is MY VIDEOS and can be found under ABOUT ME tab. Here I’ve posted videos and AMVs (Anime Music Videos) that I’ve made.
Not everything but the ones I really and want people to see. I’ll be adding more stuff there later. Like a photo/picture gallery. I’ll probably but my CLEARED GAMES list under there too, since its related to me I think it should be put there. I think that was everything, for now at least. Now I gotta try and finish work with my 2009 list!

Bored out of my skull!

A new month and nothing new has happened. Soon it will be christmas and this damn year will be over. Sadly nothing has happened since my last post. And soon "work" will begin. Not looking forward to that very much, I’m so bored out of my skull its not even funny. I hope 2009 will bring something good with it, at least something to play on.

As always when I’m bored I start to redesign the site.
And I’ve just changed a few things. But I like it and hope I can continue with it.
Well take care everyone until the next time we meet! Hopefully there can be pleasant news for once.