Just a few random things

Well nothing really new to report just felt like doing a random update.
I finally got my Enchanted Arms for Playstation 3! Hurray! Now I just need a PS3 to play it on to and I’m ready to go. =) Hopefully I can get one of those soon too. >.<

And now I’m awaiting my tri-screwdriver so I can open up one of the DSes and see if I can get it to work. Looking forward to that. I also took some picture of my “gaming area” its not much, but I’m steadily working on it. And one day it will be bigger and better. But I don’t complain. I at least have something to play on. ^^

My room My room Snus klubbor

I’ve also started to relisten to some Guilty Gear music. I can’t get enough of it!
Right now I’m almost repeating Millia Rage’s theme “Writhe in Pain” love that song! Well gotta go now.

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