New month, new goals

And so we are in March now! Time really has gone fast.
Fixed a bit on the site as you might see. Thanks to my friend Evangela for the new banner. Hopefully I can get a little more cash this month. I really feel like I must get an Xbox 360 now. Star Ocean 4 will be released here next month and I don’t want to miss that game. And I’m eagerly awaiting Tales of Vesperia to be released in Europe too. I need to think about this hard and see If I have the money for this, probably not. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
And then I need to get Blue Dragon, Lost Oddessey and Infinite Undiscovery.

I know many people seem to hate Infinite Undiscovery, but I need to give it a try.
I think you can order it pretty cheap from some sites. Also something I need to check out more clearly, if it becomes reality. And I’m also getting Resident Evil 5 for me and my friend Kntheking. Thanks to Gamestops deal. But I will probably not play it right away. It all depends if I have other games to play, in other words. If I have a Xbox 360 and a few RPGs for it. I also think I’m gonna start with mini-reviews of the games I finish. I’m not 100% sure about that. Since I’m not very good to write down my feelings and thoughts.

And speaking of writing, I would really like to continue to write my fantasy stories.
But can’t seem to get the insperation for it. I need to take a day and just did down and start with some drafts. Even if no one wants to read them, I really need to do it. For myself. But I would be glad If people would read it and comment on what is good and bad.

13 responses on New month, new goals

  1. Yey, Evangela! :D I like her, she’s great! ^^ Does she have LiveJournal too or can she only be found on Loading? The banner looks great and so does the site! Ah, Selvaria!!! I can’t help but love those boobs of hers, they are like weapons themselves! XD

    Good luck with your ideas for writing. :) I think you’ll do great.

  2. Resident Evil 5 is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait for it. I need it.
    Of course you can write, and you write good and very personal.
    Yeah try out IU for yourself. The gameplay is okay and its nice to look at and listen too.

  3. Of course you love her boobs.
    Simply because you are soooo damn pervy in your little head.
    They remind me of Soul Calibur boobs btw. I think they inspired them a good way.

  4. No, sorry Evangela does not have a livejournal or site.
    But can be found on loading. ^^

    Yeah, I love Selvaria too. She is cool.
    And yes, does boobs are weapons of mass destruction.
    And then again… I am a pervert. :D

  5. Not many days left untill Resident Evil is released. Then you can play the shit out of it. :D

    Aww, thank you. ^^
    Yeah, I’m gonna do that. sometime in the future perhaps.

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