Happy 27th birtday!

Yes, today is the day! The day when I turn 27, it feels just the same as It did yesterday!
Sadly. Except for this year I live at my own place and things have started moving forward for me. Its a bit weird, to I like it. Looking forward to Friday when I, Elden & ZX-Omega will go and watch Scott Pilgrim VS The World at the cinema.
And on Saturday, another friend Claim Solais and his girlfriend will join us for some Halloween movies and just have a good time. Really looking forward to this, its gonna be fun. Well, I hope it’ll be fun at least. Enjoying some snacks with good friends, while watching movies and having a mini-celebration for my birthday? Sounds awesome too me.

EDIT: Fucking crap! I just saw that the cinema where I live won’t be getting Scott Pilgrim VS The World. Great, fucking great. Now that plan is ruined. I hate it when they can’t show all movies everywhere, no wonder why some people download movies. Fuck.

I’ll leave you know with this video of Brentalfloss giving Castlevania II’s song Bloody Tears some lyrics. Not for everyone, but at least I enjoy his humor.

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  1. If it’s any “comfort”, Scott Pilgrim only shows in three theaters here in Sthlm. I don’t know why, it seems to be such an awesome movie, they should show it everywhere, cause you really wanna see it!
    But yeah, nice going in trying to stop downloads… :P
    And happy birthday! ^____^

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