Snow way!?!

Yeah, you see what I did there. Funny, haha! Anyway, I really got myself a shocker when I left my apartment this morning… It had snows and quite a bit too, I can’t remember that there’s ever been snow in October before. Well not so near my birthday at least! So yeah, big surprise!

Its almost been two weeks since Kntheking and Seraphim was at my place, I thought it was a blast! I really enjoyed it, too bad it didn’t last longer. One of the best days I’ve had this year, yeah they really are easily counted. We didn’t do all that much, mostly talked about games. And it enjoyed it tremendously, beats the crap out of talking on msn! Hope it won’t take another year until we can met again and hopefully I can take a trip up to Stockholm.

And next Wednesday its time to grow one year older, yay! Actually looking forward to it a bit, well perhaps not the getting older part. But I’m gonna have a movie weekend and a small (very small!) party for me. I and hopefully two other friends are going to go watch Scott Pilgrim, we’ve been wanting to see it for sometime. Gonna be a bit exciting and see if anything special happens next week, I doubt it. But who knows?

2 responses on Snow way!?!

  1. Wow snow! We have none so far. ;)
    Scott Pilgrim! I so need to see that movie, it seems to be kicking some serious ass!!
    Hey, if you ever come to Stockholm, we should meet up! :D I’ll kick your ass in Mario Kart. ;)

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