Turning 24…

Yeah.. So okay. Today! October 27, I’m turning 24! I feel kinda old now. Well I am old. Well I don’t know what more there is to say, actually.
Another year older, another day gone bye. Oh well. ^^

I made this picture myself, as an happy birthday card to myself. Lame I know.

6 responses on Turning 24…

  1. thanks again. ^^
    Oh, so you where 25… I thought you where 24.
    Well I really don’t care about age. Its just that it feels, like I’ve been living for a long time and not doing anything special.
    Many people go on trips, have jobs. Well not me.
    So some of the time feels wasted. Well hopefully It will get better. ^^

  2. Well, I don’t travel, so we can be non-traveling together. :)
    And you will get a job sooner or later. There’s no doubt about that. :) You know how I can be so sure? Because you want to work, you want to contribute. :)

    Yeah, 24, I wish. ;) But I think like you, it’s just a number, I don’t feel a day over 20 in my head.

  3. Yeah, I really want to work. I hate to live of my parents like I do now.
    I’m very thankfull to them, but I much rather stand on my own to feet.

    Ohohoho… If I should go after how I feel in my head, I guess I’m still stuck somewhere around 11-12. :D
    Not the bad stuff about those ages, but the playfullness and joy.
    Hmm.. Its a bit hard to explain actually. XD
    And great we can be non-traveling together. :D

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