We have snow!!

It started snowing a few days ago, but it was today that the snow actually stayed put. And its been snowing the whole goddamn day! Maybe we’ll actually get a white Christmas in Sweden this year, would be nice for a change. I can’t remember the last time we had a Christmas with snow. T’is the season to be jolly? Hohoho and all that.

Wish I had a better camera, but at least here is what it looks at home right now.

Snowing 2009-12-16 Snow02 Snowing Snowing Snowing Snowing

4 responses on We have snow!!

  1. Nice! :D We have a lot of snow here too, and I sure wish it will stay until X-mas Eve! After that, it can thaw away all it wants. I don’t care, as long as I get that white X-mas. ;)

  2. @ Lania:
    Haha, I whole heartedly agree. Even if I myself have a hard time finding the Christmas spirit, I still want it to be a white Christmas. After that be gone snow, begone I say!

  3. I like the snow alot. As long as it doesnt turn wet and sloshy im all for snow through the whole darker periods of the year.

  4. Man, congratz, but you are not alone.

    We, here in sthlm, got a lot of snow.

    Jag som nyss har flyttat och numera bor på bottenvången, med en liten brant kulle utanför fönstret.. Ja, luktar lavin… Hehe. Annars är snö hur mysigt som helst!

    Bara det håller i sig till julafton. Vilket hån om det bara försvann då. Ha det fint, min vän!

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