DS! Making school better since forever

I got it from a friend of the family. He had bought one, but he didn’t like it. I guess he thought it was a bit more powerfull than it was.
Meaning, I think he though it could do more. Like a PDA or something.
Well at least that’s what I think. I will get it for “free”. Or rather without paying, but I’m going to help him with other stuff.
Was something with his computer or of that kind, and for a DS I’ll glady help. =)
Well either way i don’t care, free is good. Just hope it isn’t anything sexuall.
Then he will need to pay up. At least I’ll be having something to do in “school”.
And to my surprise it was a DS lite silver! I thought it was an old DS phat. Shit, now I might have to do some sexuall things. ;D
(No images sorry, my sister has taken the camera with her.)

Yesterday me and Kntheking has a long(?) talk about friends. It seems we are in a similar position. And it was a very nice talk. I enjoyed it and actually needed it. I’m sorry for always blabing about my problems for you Kn. Well you seem to be the only one who listens, at least of all those
whom I talk about these things with. And I appriciate it man.

The Tales of the Abyss anime has started and I’m watching that. And I like it. It follows the game pretty closely. Well at least right now it does, but I don’t think it will go in another direction. And also watching the long awaited season 3 of Heroes. I just hope this will be the last, if not it will just continue to go downhill.
I don’t think season 3 is bad, but I just don’t want it to turn into an eternity series like Lost…

Just 17 more days untill I turn 25. urgh. Time flies.
My biggest wishes? To move to my own place and win the lottery, if anyone can fix that for me I’ll be very gratefull. ;)
(No, honsetly do it! T-T)

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  1. Nightly talks have the tendency to be awesome. I’ve had some myself in the past and they rock. Normally it’s just shallow talk over the internet anyways, so I’m glad you could finally get things off your chest. :)
    I miss having convos like that with my friends. I keep trying to fit them into my life, but I haven’t succeeded yet. :/ A week ago I spoke to my friend and we made preliminary plans for October 27th. T_T How sad is that anyways?

    And about the DS, wow, that is freakin’ awesome! So great that you got it! And soon you’ll be able to play FF IV just like me. :) I’m 21 hours in so far. But, that guy who gave it to you, who the hell buys a DS and expects it to be like a PDA? O_o Good lord…

  2. Yeah. I feel like that to. =/
    Ohh, October 27th. Good date. ;)

    Haha, yeah. He is very untechnical.
    Normaly I would laught my ass of, of things like this. But hey! I got a DS out of it so I’m happy! :D
    Yeah, looking forward to play FFIV.
    Playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass right now, use my giftcard from EB to buy it. Will be returning it after I’m finished with it. ;)

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