Some updates to the site

I’ve done some updating on the site. Like adding a drop down menu in the menu tab above. The only problem is that folks that use Internet Explorer 6 or older can’t use the menu. And I can’t seem to get any sort of javascript to work either, so poeple can use them. So there will be links in the sidebar for the new stuff that has been added to the menu tabs. Well for now at least. I’m just having them there for now, so I know everyone who wants to visit the site can see everything.
They will disappear with time. I’m just being nice now. ;)
I know the site works perfectly fine in FireFox, so I have no idéa how it looks like in other browsers. But hopefully it looks good there too. I’ve also decided to hide the tags I use on every post, I was started to get annoyed with having them in posts and I think it looks better without them.

The first new thing to appear is MY VIDEOS and can be found under ABOUT ME tab. Here I’ve posted videos and AMVs (Anime Music Videos) that I’ve made.
Not everything but the ones I really and want people to see. I’ll be adding more stuff there later. Like a photo/picture gallery. I’ll probably but my CLEARED GAMES list under there too, since its related to me I think it should be put there. I think that was everything, for now at least. Now I gotta try and finish work with my 2009 list!

3 responses on Some updates to the site

  1. You know, that drop menu would be a good thing to add to our site…
    We could create more categories that way and it would look more professional. Something to think about. :)

  2. @ Lania:
    Yeah, I have thought about it.
    But sadly I can’t seem to get it to work correctly with the theme we are using.
    Gonna try again later perhaps. =)

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