Happy new year!

We are here. The last day of 2009. Too think its already been nine years since we celebrated the new millennium. It feels weird. Time sure passed by quick.
Here is my list of what I’ve played and watched in 2009, both things I’ve loved and other games that has made me so disappointed with them that I never want to touch them again. I also started to use WordPress this year, having first moved from Livejournal, where I had been for about 3 years.
Then I moved to Blogger, which I ditched pretty fast for WordPress. Well enough chatting here is my list and happy new year to you all, see you 2010!!

BEST OF 2009

I think I’ll have to say Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Batman Arkham Asylum. I really can’t pick between the two of them. I enjoyed them both very much.

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, despite its flaws it was the movie I was looking forward most to this year. It was perhaps not the sequel I had hoped for, but still one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve watched this year.

I haven’t watched an anime I really fell for this year. I thought it was a bit thin.
But then again I haven’t had a chance to watch everything this year either.

I’ve watched a bunch of cartoons this year. I usually watch a lot of anime, but cartoons have won this year. With Transformers Animated, The Batman,
Avatar The Last Air bender
, Batman The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited and more. They where all awesome shows and no anime this year has been better than any of those shows.

This year I’ve watched the entire season 1-4 of How I Met Your Mother. And came to like the series very much. Barney is my favorite character in the show and I’m currently watching season 5. Best show this year!

One of the best things this years is without a doubt, when I finally got to meet my dear friend Kntheking. Best experience of all time and one of my dearest memories.



My biggest disappointment this year was without a doubt Cross Edge. Another game I wisgh I hadn’t touched is Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard. I liked the humor, the rest of the game qas one big mess.

Good for me, since I can’t remember all the crappy movies I’ve watched this year.

I’ll have to say that Kämpfer, is the worst anime series that I’ve seen this year. Bouncy boobs, bad story. I don’t even know what more I could to say about it…
I think one of the reasons I’m so disappointed with this is that the series just ended without anything being solved in the series. I hate when that happens!

Loonatics Unleashed, it wasn’t that bad. But worse than the rest of the cartoons I watched this year. I guess its because I’m not a very big Loony Toons fan. And that all the characters was just copies of the old Loony Toons characters, it felt cheap…

Heroes! What the hell has happened? Season was was great IMO. The 2nd season was okay, the 3rd season started to go down the shitter and the 4th season is following along that line. Just let it die already.

Its been one hell of a poor year. I honestly hope I’ll have some money 2010, or I’m going to get really depressed.

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  1. Wow, a list by MJ :P

    Nice.. Sorry about Cross Edge, thats wasnt good becuase i know you was expicting it much. I will not buy it, maybe rent it someday, sometime.

    But i will actually agreed with Uncharted 2. Great post (Bra inlägg, mycket bra!)

    Hoppas du hade riktig skoj ikväll/inatt.. Tja :P

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