The new TV!

Hello! As I said a few posts back. I got a new TV. Sadly its not a HDTV. But since I didn’t pay for it and it was a widescreen TV, I’m not complaining one bit. Its already made my gaming a lot easier. I’ve noticed that the Playstation 3 gives out a better picture quality in widesceen mode.
So now I won’t have to think about a new TV for a while, sure I still want an HDTV, who doesn’t? But its pretty hard to buy stuff like that when you are almost, always broke. Well sometime in the future I’ll get one. What a beautiful day it will be…


The old TV is in the left picture and the new one is on the right! And a picture of
Mana Khemia pack! And next week its time for Cross Edge to be released!
Can’t wait! :D

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