April is here!

I hate 1st of April. its the day when people think they are so fucking funny and can trick people. Honestly, what the hell is so fun with that? Can understand it. I think last time I tricked someone on April’s fool was when I was 13years old. Almost ten years ago.
This tradition could die for all I care. This is the one day Ican’t trust a single soul. Well only a few, that knows how much I hate this day.

Well I updated the picture to the right here today. I was thinking of doing some small advertisment for Cross Edge. Even if its due to be released next month. The picture is of Misha from Ar Tonelico. She is a playable character in Cross Edge.
For more info on this game you can check it out on RPGamer.
Wish I had a DS this month. I would really have liked to get a hold of
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, for the system.
Since it looks to be a pretty nice RPG, plus the game has KOS-MOS as a playable character. How can I not want that? No one with a spare DS they can let go of cheaply?

I should have mentioned this before, but I have started to watch Scrubs. Rather I’m midway thru season 4. Gotta love that show. “The Todd” is awesome. Highfive people!
I’ve keept playing Resident Evil 5. Trying to get all trophies in the game. Well since I got nothing else to play at the moment why not? And once that is done I’m moving on to take on Uncharted again in the crushing difficulty.
So I guess that’s how stuff is right now. I need to start writing more of my own material. I really want to do something! Reviews or whatever. Even if I suck at it.
Take care untill next time people!

3 responses on April is here!

  1. Man tackar. :D
    Tar inte betalt för vänner. ;)
    Du kan ju säga till om det är något speciellt du ska ändra så kan jag försöka göra det.

    Ska väl själv byta till Smooth Sailing temat snart, så jag ska försöka överföra det nuvarande temat till ett Smooth Sailing tema.

  2. Du är väl för snäll. ^^ Alltså, jag vet inte. Något mer renodlat. Gillar det du har gjort med en karaktär vid sidan om. Så skulle jag vilja ha det, även fast jag la ner mycket tid på min banner. :P
    Men den känns lite väl plottrig ibland.
    Gillar din meny till höger också. Såklart gillar jag blått. I massor. Även lila, svart, vitt, grått. Typ så. :) Vet inte om du kan “skissa” på ett förslag? Har ju ingen aning om hur lång tid sånt här kan ta. O_o

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