So its November now…

Yes,November. This year has gone by fast and not much good stuff has happened. But I’ve said all that before, so I won’t repeat myself again. :P
What are people doing? How are you doing?
Myself? Well I’m sadly not doing anything, just sitting by the computer and watching the days slowly and painfully pass.
I guess that happens when you have nothing to do. And how I’m doing? Right now not so well. I’ve had a headache since last night, not as bad but its still there. And I’m sitting here being bored with a headache in school. I wish I had stayed in bed. Ughh.

Well gotta do it for the money, so I can get me a new Playstation 3.
I really need a new one now, I’m more and more excited over
Valkyria Chronicles. God I’m hoping I can get a new one in Febuari.
Then I’m going to leave the internet for a while and do nothing but game! How I long for that. That’s all the complaining for now. Hope there can be some good news to post soon.

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  1. I hope we can make some good stuff together. And don’t forget you’ll be ending the year with me and KN! ;D Hey, I’ll make you dinner and hopefully you’ll like my cooking as well. (Ask KN what he thinks. I haven’t tried to poison him, yet. ;))
    Also, read your email! :D (And join GMail WTF. XD)

  2. Yeah, well that’s going to the main event of this year. I can end this crappy year in a good way and start the new year in a good way. Not to shabby.
    Oh, that sounds nice. Glad to hear he’s not poisoned yet. XD

    I have checked my mail now! =)

  3. Damn, I just REALLY like the look of your site right now. I’m not sure I’ve told you before, but I am really liking it, even loving it! :D If only I had your skills. ^__^

  4. Yay. ^^
    I still think I’m mainly going to use my hotmail adress. But it could be very good to have a seperate email adress if we are going to start chatting about the site and such.

  5. I bet you will. Because, you want to do it, so you will do it. :) Basically, you could just borrow some books at the library and get started that way, if you wanted to. :)

  6. Yeah, my only problem is as soon as I start with stuff like that, I loose interest just as fast as I got it. :S
    So I just have to find the easy stuff first and make sure I get worked up about it and it should probably go pretty smooth, hopefully.

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