Ass Creed

So I tried to play Assassins Creed. What can I say? Bah.
Nope didn’t like it sadly. I think the loading time before you can get to the main menu is a killer too. A shame since I was interested in this game, but in the end I’m not surprised I didn’t like it. Oh, well good thing about having friends with the same console as you is that you can borrow games, so I’m glad I never got around to buy this title. Might give it another shoot later. Just to really confirm I dislike it.
Who knows… I might change my mind. But I really should end up finishing Wild Arms 1 soon…

Ahh, soon this month will come to its end too. And we’ll be in September. Time really flies. It feels like I haven’t done much. Just still sitting there. I want to move to my own place. Without a doubt that is my biggest wish now. To more away from home, to my own place. I want to visit both kntheking and nordiclania.
Sadly it has to cost money. But sooner or later I will. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit kntheking atleast in the end of October.
And speaking of October I’ll turn 25 then. Ugh, 25 and I haven’t really done anything with my life. A thought that really depresses me. Hope it will change soon. It feels like I really haven’t lived….

Well in gaming news I’m looking forward to both Eternal Sonata & Valkyria Chronicles which will be relased on October 21 and November 11. So now people know what to get me. *wink, wink*
And I’m hoping VideoGamesPlus will send out my copy of Disagea 3 today. And that it will arrive by friday. And now enjoy the intro from the game. =)

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