The headache from hell & the relief

Have you ever had a headache that doesn’t hurt that much, but makes you feel like shit? I had one of those yesterday. My head didn’t hurt much, but I got dizzy feelt like I was gonna throw up and just feeling like the end was near. One moment I was freezing, the other I was hot. It was a strange experience. But it was probably just some fever that that was leaving my body. Still it feelt so strange. So I went to bead real early yesterday, since I had no power left, but when I woke up I feelt like brand new. Wow, I don’t think I’ve feelt that good in a long time. I actually feelt like doing a bunch of stuff. Like starting to play The Legend of Dragon. But didn’t since I had to get up and go to school.

So I’ll probably get something played today. No changes with the PS3 sadly.
If all goes as I hope (and when do things ever go liked planned?)
December or January are the preliminary months for a new one. And it seems like I will be able to meet Kntheking this year! Which I didn’t think would be possible. If nothing changes, November sometime I’ll be going to visit. Looking forward to come out abit and see more than just plain old Kristianstad. =P

Well now I gotta get back so school. Get back on working my new logo that is. Haha, like there is anything else to do here. See ya all later. <3

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