First impressions

So I’ve had my Playstation 3 for about 24hours now. And What have I done and what do I think? Well… I haven’t actually played very much on it. I’ve been checking it out, trying to learn the different things about it.
I’ve downloaded some demos and tried them, right now I’m downloading the Uncharted demo. I’m impressed at how good the divx function was, I was honestly expecting something not so good.  And it was a pretty good music player. Overall I’m very happy with what I can do.  And OMG! Its quiet! I’m actually amazed at that since I was expecting it to sounds a little, but it dead silent.

I’ve just played the start of Folklore, the first chapters with Ellen & Keats. But its a lovely game. I like the atmossphere. It really does feel like a Tim Burton movie. The story goes by in a comicbook way, its pretty hard to explain but its cool. Too bad there isn’t voiceacting in those scenes. The music?
Well can say very much about it now, not more than it fits the game. But I would have loved if they had Danny Elfmans music in the game, that would give it more of a Tim Burton feeling. But I’m liking what I’ve played so far. Going to continue after I’ve had something to eat.

I haven’t even opened GT Prologue yet. I’m saving it untill I’ve played a bit more on Folklore. But all in all I’m very pleased with my PS3. And when games like
Metal Gear Solid 4, Valkyria Chronicles & White Knight Chronicles are released, I’m going to be in heaven! <3

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  1. I know, it’s so quiet! :D I really love that about it. ^__^ Still haven’t gotten a US account and I haven’t even tried out my EU-account. Oh well. :P
    I’m happy you’re enjoying Folklore. :) I too long for Valkyria Chronicles. It’s gonna be so awesome! ^__^

  2. Hehe, hope you can fix it soon. I really want you on my friendslist. ^^
    Valkryria Chronicles is going to be one of the best games this year. I’m certain of it.
    Sega can’t fail with this game.

  3. Gargh! No I haven’t! >_<
    I am a bad person and I’m sorry. It’s just that… fixing it requires me to unplug everything in order to have my PS3 show image and sound in the proper way. T_T

    I need a new TV, so bad.
    Fuck. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it soon. :/

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