Anotherone bites the dust!

Wowo!! Finally! I’ve finally beaten Enchanted Arms for PS3.
I started playing this game when it was new for the Xbox 360, but thanks to a certain red light. (-.-) I could never finish it. Now what 2-3years later I’ve finally done it. It feels good to have it of my back. The game was… Okay. It had its moments but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to touch it again. And if I do its to complete other sidequests and other various things I might have missed.

Things I dont give a shit about in this game. I just wanted to finish it and I did.
Aha, so now I’m 100% free to just play Soul Calibur 4. Even if I think that game will be finished very fast, well at least I have something to play when people come over. ^^
And the next game on the list is Disgaea 3, so now I can get more hyped about that.
Well now I’m just going to wait for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata for the PS3. Hopefully Eternal Sonata will come out soon. ^^

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  1. Hey glad you beaten the game. I have been badly influenced by ;) so now I’m gaming several games at a time. Wild ARMs, Eternal Sonata, Phantom Hourglass and Jeanne d’Arc. I hope to complete Sonata sometime soon, so I can continue on the fabulous Wild ARMs, or level up in Jeanne d’Arc so I can beat the last boss.

  2. Ohh, that’s not very nice of him to influence you in that way. ;)
    I guess I’m going to continue playing Wild ARMs now untill i get SC4. Nothing much to to really.
    And I’m trying to write a list of all the RPg’s I’ve ever finsihed playing. Seems to be a lot less than I remember. 32 or something.

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