Its been a long time

Yeah, its been sometime since I made an update. Well I haven’t had time and nothing real to update with. But now I’m here to show I’m alive.
I’ve been searching for a bunch of jobs, like I always do. But in this hard times, its impossible to find anything. Other than that I’ve actually been playing a whole lot of games. I’ve really gotten my lust to play games back. And I’m very happy with that. In the latest month I’ve played and finished, Eternal Sonata and Prince of Persia.
And now I’m replaying Uncharted. Mostly to hunt for trophies, but I’m thankfull for that. Or I might never had played the game on hard. its much more fun now, when you actually have a bit o challange. Looking forward to playing it on crushing.

Those who know me well personally know I’m a “cold” person. Or should I say, unemotinal person.But that is really just a fasad. More like how I want to be.
I had a talk with kntheking earlier today, more like about an hour ago. And we talked about a few things, which took me a bit hard. No bad things now. I will not go into details, but somethings when people are really nice to you, just gets you. And I’m very happy to have him as a friend. Thank you.

And then I’ve traded away almost all of my DVDs. My local Gamestop had a deal where you could trade in 3DVDs to get about 10$. So I left in about 60DVDs, you got them all on a store creditcard. So thanks to that I could buy some games this month.
I got Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box. I’ll have to try it later, but I’m hoping its good. Didn’t cost me any real money at least. =)
And thanks to this I’m going to get Resident Evil 5. Wasn’t going to do that earlier, but now I can spend my in store credit on that game.

other than this I’m feeling pretty good. Guess I’m gonna do a little redesign on the site again. Haha, feelt like it was time again. Its not going to be much, but we’ll see.
Take care all!

The dream ended

And so I finished the Playstation 3 version of Eternal Sonata today. Actually I just finished watching the ending a few minutes ago. A good game. And I feel rather pleased with it. It did live up to my expectation. Which is good. The music was good, the story was good. I just wish you could have gotten to know the cast a bit better, I’m some characters seemed interesting but they never developed them enough. Which is a shame, but still a good game. And something I would recommend people try at least once.

Above is a picture of my killer bunny. A brutal killing monster as you might see! :O
I’ve also been playing a very lot of LittleBigPlanet, which I liked much more than I thought I would. Its really fun. And I love that you can create about anything in the create mode. Well if you know what you are doing and have a good imagination, you can do pretty awesome stuff. So if you ever want to play online with me contact me and I’ll add you to my PSN and we’ll play.

Games! WOO!

So got some mail today. Yummy, delicious things. This is an early Christmas present from my family and relatives. So I’m happy. Don’t need to spend money on those later. Not sure I could had anyway…. Well all that I need now is a new Playstation 3 and I’m ready to go… Bah.

Valkyria Chronicles & Eternal Sonata

Two RPG demos up on JP PSN store

If you have a PS3 and are itching to try some RPG titles, head over to the Japanese PSN store and download demos o Eternal Sonata and Cross Edge.
Then give me a shout with impressions. I would appriciate that..

Disgaea 3 finished!

Last night I finished Disgaea 3! Took exactly a week after I got it. There are still some sidequests to do. But the main game is finished.
The time stopped on 40hours & 7minutes.
I probably would have finished it much sooner if I hadn’t spent so much time leveling up and training my characters. So I guess I’m going to do some of the sidequests now and probably replay it from begining one day.
Well after I’m satisfied with playing Disgaea 3 I really am going to continue with
Wild Arms 1. Since there is nothing else of importance before October 21 anyway…
(Eternal Sonata for PS3 release date) And sixs days after that its ma birthday.
25 years old… Woho!…

Anotherone bites the dust!

Wowo!! Finally! I’ve finally beaten Enchanted Arms for PS3.
I started playing this game when it was new for the Xbox 360, but thanks to a certain red light. (-.-) I could never finish it. Now what 2-3years later I’ve finally done it. It feels good to have it of my back. The game was… Okay. It had its moments but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to touch it again. And if I do its to complete other sidequests and other various things I might have missed.

Things I dont give a shit about in this game. I just wanted to finish it and I did.
Aha, so now I’m 100% free to just play Soul Calibur 4. Even if I think that game will be finished very fast, well at least I have something to play when people come over. ^^
And the next game on the list is Disgaea 3, so now I can get more hyped about that.
Well now I’m just going to wait for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata for the PS3. Hopefully Eternal Sonata will come out soon. ^^

Eternal Sonata PS3 version!

Last night it was confirmed by Namco Bandai that the Playstation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, that was said to be a Japan release only. Will be coming to the US. Finally! I’m really glad to hear that Namco Bandai!
The PS3 really needs more RPG, so now you just have to confirm Tales of Vesperia for PS3 with a US release, I’ll love you all even more. <3

Well that’s about the best news I’ve had for a long time. Or a few weeks at least. 13days left untill Soul Calibur 4 will be released. So soon…
And next month its time for Disgaea 3. Don’t forget to get that folks! If you’re into the Disgaea series I mean.
Untill next update, take care everyone!

EDIT: Here is a videoclip of the PS3 version of the game in a fight.
As you can see its in english and with the Playstation controller buttons. So it really is true! ;)