Just one more week…

And now it’s just one week left until the PlayStation 4 is released in Europe! So glad my local store is having a midnight launch, so in one week and a few hours I’ll have my PS4! I’m starting to feel really hyped and I think I won’t get much sleep next week because of this!
As soon as I get home later that night, I’ll get some pictures up. At least I hope I’ll be able too do it, so I don’t pass out because I’m too tired. But I’ll try to get something up, if nothing else I’m sure I’ll upload some photos unto my twitter account when I’m in the store.

I’m just working and working right now, so I don’t have time for much else. And when I do, I want to spend it with stuff I love and enjoy. So we’ll see how some things go, maybe I’ll have to drop some of them entirely. Just so I can stop thinking about them and don’t have to feel so bad about not being able to contribute.
I’ll try to make a new ”game I’m looking forward to” post soon, gotta get that out of me.

Anime intros I like (German ver.)

It’s no secret that I love anime, come on! Even the title to this is anime intros I like, dead give away! But before we had internet at home, the only way I could watch anime was on a German TV-channel called RTL2. So I hurried home from school to sit a couple of hours and watch anime, the stuff I missed I recorded. I did this everyday and I somewhat miss it. Thanks to this I learned German, I still have some problems writing in German but I can understand it. So here are some of my favorite anime intros in German. Since its a few videos posted and I don’t want to slow down the site too much, you’ll have to click in on this post. Some videos have crappy quality, sorry about that.

Digimon Season 1 opening
A classic for me! I just love that the German dubbers went with all the music from the Japanese version of the show and not the terrible music the English version got.

Dr.Slump – Opening 1 (New series)
I just love OP and ED with dancing. And I think this was one of my first encounters with just dancing openings. The song is catchy and I really like it. And yes, the series is made by Akira Toriyama.

Jeanne die Kamikaze Diebin – Opening (Jeanne The Phantom Thief)
I really don’t know what I can or should say about this opening. I just like it very much! And the show was/is pretty good too. It’s about an reincarnated Jeanne D’arc who hunts for demons (phantoms) inside of artifacts. I liked it.

One Piece Opening 2
I really like the singer, the happy go lucky style of the song. It’s just a nice and great song, I like it a lot more in German than the original. This intro also has a pretty good English dub.

A great song based on WatchDogs!

In the past I have posted about a guy who calls himself Miracle of Sound and he does music based on videogames. He has done the song ”Roll Out” based on Transformers War/Fall of Cybertron games. The song ”Nord Mead” based on Skyrim and so on, but two of my favorite songs from him are based of Ubisoft games.
One if based on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and is called ”Beneath The Black Flag”, I love that one. A bit of pirate rock, I’ll post a video below.

But yesterday he uploaded a video from the upcoming WatchDogs, which I am starting to get more and more excited about. I fell for this song immediately and it’s called Digital Shadow. I’ve listened to it a couple of times right now and I am having a hard time stopping. Check it out below.

Watch this man make the Master Sword!

Man At Arms is a blacksmith with his own YouTube channel and it is an awesome channel! They have done replicas for big production movies and stuff. And they are greatly talented. And so per request of millions I guess, he has finally made the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. They have also done a lot of other stuff before, like the Sword of Omens from ThunderCats.
Why are you still listening to this!? Watch his video instead!!

So much to do! And so much to be done!

Damn, I’m almost at the end of my third vacation day and I’ve already done so much. And I still have a few stuff planned for this week. Tomorrow I am going to help a friend buy some cleaning tools for his apartment and check if the last owner really cleaned the apartment like they should have. Then on Friday I’m going to meet another one of my friends, that I hardly spend anytime with. Saturday is also booked by other various things. And on Sunday me and two other friends are going to go watch Pacific Rim! My most anticipated movie of the year! Hopefully it will be awesome, it will be glorious.

And then I am really going to take it easy next week, I really need that. And then next Friday (9th), it is finally time for me to get my hands on Tales of Xillia!! YES!!! I’m turning of my phone and will shut myself in that day. I’m just going out to pick up my preorder and then rush back home and then it’s playtime! For now I have taken a bit of a break from my Playstation 3 and are playing a bit in my 3DS and right now I am playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
A pretty fun game so far. I think this so far is the perfect balance for me, Sony and Nintendo. I got most of what I want from them.

Hopefully my review copy of Saints Row IV will arrive soon and then I’ll be busy with that. But right now life really feels great. It feels really good, right now, today. Hopefully it will feel just as good tomorrow and the day after that. I really am starting to enjoy life, with all it’s quirks and shits. It could be worse and it has been worse, it’s time to focus on the good stuff and try to leave the ugly past behind. That is much easier said than done, mind you. But at least it feels like I have the power to be able to get away from it a bit. And that my friends feels fantastic!

And I’ll leave you all with a song I’ve been listening non-stop to for the last couple of days! Enjoy!

Tales of Xillia official trailer released

Gamespot has put up a new trailer of Tales of Xillia, so I wanted to share it with people here. God I am so hyped for this game! Just two months away until I can play this game, I am getting really hyped now! So much that I started playing Tales of Graces f again and took a few more trophies in it. Hehe, might go for the platinum trophy. ;)

Miracle of Sound: ROLL OUT!!

So while surfing around and looking for stuff on YouTube, I came across a musician that calls himself ”Miracle of Sound. He makes music that is related to TV-shows, games and movies. The first thing I heard with them/him where ”Joker’s Song”. I really, really enjoyed that. And I decided to check out their other stuff and I found something they made with Transformers.
And I feel in love with that, I love the music in this. Even if the lyric isn’t all that, the music in itself is so good. I could listen to an instrumental of this all day, but I decided to share the video with you. So check them out and check out their other stuff, you might find something you like.
Or not. Who knows? I can’t stop listening to this song. <3

The Autobots are hunted by the cruel Decepticons. The slaughter is directed by the evil Megatron!
This metal robot-Stalin only has one equal foe… So ready up your battle cry, its time to let them know!
Autobots… transform… ROLL OUT!!