New fantasy series and White Knight Story!!

So I’ve been pretty busy today. I’m going to make a new fantasy series, as you might or might not know I have made one before together with my friends Elden-Rucidor and Stingdragon. This time I’m going solo. Well perhaps not all solo, I’m going to ask Elden to draw the characters for me. But thats about it. What do I call it then? I have given it the name Luminous Earth. I think it sounds like a cool RPG title. And here is the crappy logo I’ve made, If someone is good at making logos please contact me.

So you’ve guys might have heard about the game White Knight Story. If not where the hell have you’ve been?! Just go over to a gaming site ans check it up! It looks like it is going to be a very awesome RPG for the PS3. A must get for my part. So now that I am all hyped about that I made a White Knight Story music video.

White Knight Story – Rival!

One of the greatest guys I know

So I was going to borrow three games from my friend Kntheking.
They where, I-Ninja, Sly 3 & Ratchet Gladiator. I’m very thankful for that.
But wait there is more. I got them games today and he told me I could keep them. I mean how awesome is that?!
I’m really thankful so thanks yet again Kntheking

Woho, my Xenosaga figures came!

So today I got the four Xenosaga Legends 2 figures I’ve ordered. So which did I get?

I got both the blue & red eyes version of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga Freaks. The one with the cat ears. KOS-MOS swimsuit version from Episode III. And I got the one I wanted the most!! A Missing Year KOS-MOS version! I’m very happy.

Click here if you want better pictures check out my deviant.

Do want a PS3…

I really want to get a hold of a Playstation 3. Well that’s not the easiest thing too do when you are broke and don’t have a job. Its really depressing.
But I’ll just have to try and see if I can save up 4300SEK.
Not the easiest thing. Where is my fairy of luck? When can I see some happiness, yeah I know it sounds sick and twisted. But yes, I do feel happier if I can get what I want. So right now I’m not feeling good at all.
Thanks to you few of my friends IRL who have noticed, both of you.

I really hope I can get a hold of one soon, or I’ll start to feel worse. Hope I can borrow some money of someone. But when it comes to that amount of cash, its easier said than done. Hopefully I’ll get my Xenosaga figures tomorrow/today.

But I think they won’t arrive untill monday or tuesday. And as you might have noticed, I’m not in the mood to get very hopefull. Yeah, so this time it was one long emo post, has to post one of those too.. Well… Now I’ll crawl back to bed…

My figures. Let me show you them!

Yeah, so I’m being hopefull I’m going to get 4 or the new Xenosaga Legends figures. Click the thumbnails and they will take you to deviantart, where there are bigger pictures. As soon as I get my Xenosaga Legends 2 figures, I’ll post pictures on deviant of them too.

Go, Space Frogs, Go!

So I’ve been watchin pretty much Keroro Gunso. And what can I say?
I’ve seen about 36episodes and I love the series. They really are the best frogs in the world. So my mind has finally given up, I needed to do my own space frog.
So here he is! Mekoro!!

Here is the data I have on him.  He used to be part of the Keron army, but he never followed orders and acted as he wanted. He but some of his ”friends” and fellow soldiers in danger. So he was finally banished from Keron. He headed to Pekopon (Earth) since it seemed like a nice place.

He has no sign on his stomach, … Well he has a star there as you can see, but he painted that on himself. He has fallen in love with videogames, mostly RPGS, hates many things, swears, listens to metal music, drinks all my coca cola T-T And yes, he is somewhat based on my own personality. ;)
(can also be find on my Deviant)

Shining Tears X Wind

When the land End Earth is facing destruction, Soul Bladers from another world shall come and save them. Soul Bladers are people who can draw a soul sword out of a person that trust/likes him.

Souma, Kiriya, Saionji, Hiruda, Kureha & Seena. All people from the same school and they are all close friends. They get summoned to end Earth. Souma & Kureha gets sent to one country on End Eart, Kiriya & Seena to a different country. Saionji & Hiruda are also sent to a different country. And all three countries are in battle with each other. Old friends become new enemies. But all countries are fighting because they think they can save the world. Soon they will meet a common enemy.

Really sounds like something from an RPG, right? A bit cliché to, no? So I’ve been following the anime Shining Tears X Wind, for some time. And i finally saw the two last episodes today. If I have understood correctly its a continuation of the game Shining Tears, with the Shining Wind characters. Well at least characters from both games are in it. And its a fantasy anime.

The visuals of the anime is pretty good. Sometimes it looks like crap and minor characters are not very detailed. Other than that, Taka Tony’s artwork turned out great in anime form. Taka Tony is the character designer for the games. Love his art, BTW. Usually when I watch an anime, the ending almost always seems to let me down. But in Shining Tears X Wind, I like the ending very much.
Its was a good ending. And I felt as nothing was left unexplained. Well some things maybe, but I still liked this ending than most other anime’s.

Well the anime was pretty good. Far from a masterpiece. But then again I think its hard to find good fantasy anime. Even if you might get turned of by my big RPG cliché intro text, give it a chance. As I said its not a masterpiece anime, but its only 13 episodes long. And if you don’t have anything to watch, why not?

7/10. And one of the better Fantasy anime’s I’ve seen.