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So there has been a lot of rumors the past days that Nintendo would announce a new version of its DS. And now they have announce it.
Its called Nintendo DSi. The screens are bigger, there is no more GBA slot.
But instead they have added an SD cars lot. They will have a download service for it, built in browser, mp3 player. And a whole other neat stuff. Well my problem is that I was thinking about getting a DS lite, but now I think I might wait for this one instead. REally don’t know what to do… But I have no use for the GBA slot and I seem to get more that I want with the DSi. But then again, we have to wait untill 2009 to get it. The japanese release is November 1. >.<
Here follows a comparion picture wih the ds lite and dsi. And more specs.

Nintendo DSi
LCD screen size: 3.25 inches
LCD screens: active TFT color LCD (260,000 colors)
Hardware size: L: 137mm, H: 74.9mm, W: 18.9mm (stylus length: ~92mm)
Power source: Nintendo DSi AC Adaptor, battery pack
Weight: ~214g (including the battery pack and stylus)
Battery charging time: ~2.5 hours
Battery charge length:
lowest brightness: ~9-14 hours
low brightness: ~8-12 hours
medium brightness: ~6-9 hours
high brightness: ~4-6 hours
highest brightness: ~3-4 hours
(This may vary from title to title.)
Playable titles: Nintendo DSsoftware, Nintendo DSi software
Inputs: DS card slot, SD memory card slot, AC adaptor port, stereo headphone/microphone port
*GBA games and DS games requiring the GBA slot cannot be played.

11 responses on Nintendo DSi

  1. Well you can see that they are a bit bigger.
    But as you said the battery sucks. Still getting a bit excisted for this version. omg. -.-
    But I guess I’ll get a DS lite and later might get this DSi.

  2. I knew this was coming, it wasn’t rumors it was a fact.
    I had hoped the displays would be even bigger and I wanted bigger buttons too. (The right ones at least.) No GBA-slot feels a little cheap. Does that mean you’ll be able to download the GBA-games onto an SD-card instead? That would work, I just don’t want them to remove the feature all together.
    Of course I have to buy this one as well as the PSP 3000. If it’s not gonna be released in maybe 6 months time, maybe it’s worth for you buying the normal DS Lite.

  3. Yeah in time it will probably be possible to download GBA roms and use them on this, I think the pirate scene will be big for this one. :P

    The battery times is a big letdown for me, worse then 50% of the DS lite battery.

  4. Buy or wait

    Teh question. Maybe i did a wise choice to wait, but i need to play GBA games (FFVI, pls!)

    The only thing im sure about is that i need a DS to play a lot of rpgs :P

  5. Re: Buy or wait

    Well I’m gonna get a DS lite soon I hope.
    And I’ll be getting a DSi later. I’ll just let someone else in the family borrow the DS lite, so I have it if I want to play GBA games. =)

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